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IS LESS THAN AN HOUR OF YOGA REALLY BENEFICIAL? Guest Blogger Natalie from Yoga, Field & Sea says YES!

Do you struggle to fit yoga or into the daily juggle? Would shorter classes make yoga more accessible for you?

In our latest Guest Blog, Natalie (from Yoga, Field & Sea) answers the question - is 20-minute yoga REALLY worth it? Can you REALLY benefit from yoga in short bursts? In her well-educated opinion, yes, you absolutely can!  Read on to find out more from Natalie the benefits of just 20 minutes of yoga per day...

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GUEST BLOG: Georgina Lynch - The Importance of Self Care and Restorative Yoga

Georgina Lynch is a fully qualified therapeutic counsellor, life coach, mentor and yoga teacher. 

Last week we attended her beautiful Restorative Yoga workshop to discover how this can play a part in Empowering Wellbeing. We can't recommend it enough! So, why should you try it, and why is Self Care so very important? 

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BURN OUT (Part 2): The 7 best ways to Support Yourself To Avoid ‘Burnout’

In part one of a blog on ‘Burnout’, we talked about the warning signs that you might be suffering from ‘Burnout’ and what to look out for. These included exhaustion or low energy, a rise in anxiety, lack of motivation, social isolation, not feeling ‘good enough’, increased illness and a decrease in cognitive function.

If you haven’t read Burnout (Part 1), just click here, especially if you recognise one, some or all of the above symptoms.

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BURN OUT (Part 1): The 8 Most Important Signs You Might Suffering From ‘Burnout’

 “Burnout” refers to a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion after chronic stress has eaten away at your ability to renew yourself. Burnout is usually insidious; that is, it creeps up on you when you’re busy.