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CONFIDENCE: Let Your Confidence Grow With You

CONFIDENCE: Let Your Confidence Grow With You

Some of us love the idea of aging. The thought of stepping more into a beautiful wisdom and confidence can feel exciting and liberating. Who wants all the drama of youth, anyway?! And yet, on the flip side, for so many of us, it can seem really daunting to feel as if time is slipping away and taking its toll on how we look, our physical ability and our brain power. We can often flit between the two different thoughts in almost the same moment!

Body Confidence

BEAUTIFUL: Body confidence from the inside out

Do you feel beautiful, or are you struggling with the idea that you should be more (or less) of something? So often we view the world as outside-in. But, at Birch & Wilde we’ve come to see things differently, and what a realisation it has been! So many of us feel the self-confidence struggle! And yet, when we truly look after our bodies, from the inside-out, we begin to see that the external really doesn’t matter, and certainly not in the ways we have been conditioned to think.