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Beautiful Beetroot with Lentils & Polenta

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Beautiful Beetroot with Lentils & Polenta

This savoury lentil dish with a vibrant beetroot puree served on creamy polenta is a lovely way to elevate a vegans’ standard ‘beans and rice’. It might take a bit longer than refrying your beans and cooking up some rice but is indeed worth the time and patience. When I first had this combo, I slurped up the entire giant plate of food because it was so freakishly delicious!
vegan buddha bowl

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Beautiful Buddha Bowls

In this deliciously simple Buddha Bowl recipe, Mia (A.K.A The Travelling Vegan) shares just how easy it is to create something as lovely and delicious (and super good for you) as her beautiful Buddha Bowls. Hugely popular at the moment, here's a great chance to enjoy Mia's version, and get confidently creative enough to start mixing things up and inventing your own! What are you waiting for? It's time to give it a go...
protein powder

PROTEIN POWDERS: What, Why and How?

I often get asked about Protein Powders. There is such a buzz about them in the media at the moment. The truth is than they can be really beneficial if used for a specific goal, and in the right way. So, here is a general overview to help any of you who want to understand a little bit more...