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"Really happy with my purchase and love everything about your brand! Good luck and all the best!" (James Foley)

"Absolutely wonderful Company! No hesitation whatsoever in recommending anyone to try this brand. Customer service was excellent, you won't be disappointed😊😊" (Deborah Millard)


marine collagen

"Myself and my partner started on Marine Collagen for the first time a month ago. WOW!!! I can visibly see the difference in my face, the deep lines I have had for the last few years have almost disappeared. My partners arthritis pain in her fingers has lessened dramatically. I cannot recommend this product any higher, it's amazing. The customer service that Tara has provided is also second to none. We will be loyal customers for years! Thank you."
(Kirsty Rushen)
"Welcoming and efficient company
It's too early to say how well the marine collagen works for me but I can say that I was very impressed by the speed of a reply and solution to my email query to the company on receiving my 1st order from them last week. Very efficient and welcoming. First class customer service....thank you!"
(Ella Garbutt)

"Changed to this brand as the others I was taking were bovine and not marine collagen. I will be buying these ones again, they are easier to take as they are in capsule form and you only need take 2 per day whereas the others I had were huge oval pills and 3 a day, which left me gagging trying to swallow these one after the other. I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin it may be my imagination but I feel that some of the deep wrinkles I had are not as bad as they were but I definitely have a better complexion. Very pleased with this product, even my husband asked if I had been using new face cream, I took it as a compliment at least he noticed hahaha”
(Mac via Amazon)

"Amazing, been taking Birch & Wilde Collagen for 4 weeks. My knee is completely healed, great for skin, nails and hair also. Make sure to follow instructions for better effects."
(Antonio Rodrigues)

"I have only been taking this collagen supplement for a short period of time but my skin definitely feels softer and plumped up. The customer service from them is second to none, totally brilliant."
(Donna B)

"Great value for money. As a guitarist I need strong nails for finger-picking and have noticed a difference in nail strength since taking these."
(Mr M G E Carter)

"Birch & Wilde Marine Collagen is an absolutely fantastic product. I suffer from Rosacea and my face has been much calmer and the texture of my skin has definitely improved since taking these supplements. I would certainly recommend."
(Suzanne Massingham)

"I've just started using your Marine Collagen Capsules. I'm about 5 days in and already noticing the benefits! They are amazing quality!"
(Mark Sion)

"I have muscle loss and my weight won't decrease even with exercise as per doctors advice.... I can see a slight difference already regarding osteopenic pain and muscle gain.. i am really happy with the product and will continue to take it and would recommend it to others . Thanks again Sue"
(Sue Grey via Amazon)

"Fantastic product, I bought this product in April and have definitely seen a difference in my complexion, especially around the eyes. The skin appears tighter with visably reduced fine lines. Will definitely be buying again!!"
(Lucy Jinks)

"I have never written a review on amazon before, but I wanted to write one for these Birch & Wilde collagen tablets, they are great! I've been taking them for a couple of months now and feel like my skin looks a lot better, clearer and firmer and my hair and nails feel great too, this is a lovely company and I really recommend buying from them."
(Verified Amazon customer)

"At my age (old) it took about a month to start showing results and is now targeting the wrinkles very well; I've noticed my joints are a lot easier to move. Would recommend this Marine Collagen product to anyone, just give it time to do its work."
(Joyce H via Amazon)

"I’ve been using Birch & Wilde Collagen for over a month now and combining with good skincare regime I have noticed improvement in my skin condition. Excellent customer service. I will definitely repurchase."
(Agata via Amazon)

"I've been taking two of the Birch & Wilde Collagen Supplements for the past few weeks and I can see a noticeable difference in the appearance of the skin on my arms (less dimples) and most significantly to the dark circles under my eyes. They have almost disappeared! This is an amazing supplement that actually works. Great price, stylish brand and easy ordering. Arrived within days. Thank you Birch & Wilde."
(Georgina Lynch)

“Been taking this Collagen for a couple of weeks now. My nails are rock hard and my lashes are thicker. Interested to see the effect on my hair but will need to take for another month or so before I see results there I think ..."
(Wendy Sacha via Amazon)

"I knew nothing about Collagen and it's effects until a friend told me about it. I did my research and came across Birch & Wilde. I was drawn to the look of the product and the gold and white label. The container is so light and durable I can easily carry it in my handbag if needed. I've been taking the Collagen just over a month now and can already see the effects. People have commented on how well I look. The delivery was fast and compared to other products I feel it is great value for money."
(Sian Oliver)

"Birch & Wilde have created a great Collagen supplement which seems to last for ages - so many more doses than other brands! I love the packaging and the ordering/delivery process was fast and simple. I suffer from Rosacea and my skin seems clearer and brighter than it has in years. I've also noticed a significant reduction in the number of fine lines and wrinkles which have appeared over time. Totally recommend the product and personally plan to keep using it in the future!"
(Rona Bierrum)

"Having been on Birch & Wilde Wilde High Strength Hydrolysed Marine Collagen capsules for 6 weeks now, I can honestly say they are amazing. My right shoulder had been causing me severe problems since February 2017. I was unable to lift my arm straight above my head - without a stabbing pain in the joint. I visited a good sports physiotherapist with no improvement at all. It took a couple of weeks for the capsules to take effect but then the pain free movement started to come back! Improving to full movement without any pain at all. The quality of this product speaks for itself and value for money is exceptional. You just cannot get any better. The great thing is that these capsules are not a pain killer. They are helping the body to repair wear and tear. With all this in mind, I have to thoroughly recommend it! You have one very happy customer. Love the beautiful design of the bottles too."
(Melanie Sharwood)


organic ashwagandha ksm-66
"I bought the calm and clarity a while ago - for no particular reason at the time but thought it might come in useful at some point. I have spent the last couple of months feeling quite poorly, which has made me feel both emotional and anxious. A couple of days ago I had no sleep and was feeling overly anxious and overwhelmed, which is not normally how I feel. It was a real struggle to actually get myself to work I felt that bad. I decided to take 2 tablets early morning and I have to say a couple of hours later I felt so much calmer and was able to think more clearly, it was so strange! I have now started to take one in the morning and one in the evening in the hope they will help keep me calmer and sleep better. Thank you Tara, I will be keeping a stock of these if they help me keep my sanity!!"
(Becci Donaldson)

"Been taking for 2 months now and I feel better, helps sleep I am not so tired, keeps me calm, this product does as it states, have bought another 2 months supply, good delivery and good price, thank you"
(Hel via Amazon)

 "Compared to other Ashwagandha I've recently purchased this had an immediate effect and I'll be using this again."
(Riv via Amazon)
"This Ashwagandha product is fantastic. Really helps with any anxiety you might have. After only a couple of days I felt the difference. I was much calmer and chilled out, slept better at night without waking up a couple of times. Highly recommend to anyone who's stressed and struggles with emotions and mood swings. It has improved my general wellbeing but especially sleep and mood." 
(Verified Amazon customer)
"I have been taking this Ashwagandha supplement for a few weeks now and most noticeable is the effect it has had on my sleeping. I fall asleep within five minutes, I then sleep right through and wake up very refreshed. My anxiety has reduced to a level where I am not as overwhelmed as before, and I am now starting to make changes, such as going out in daylight, going into a supermarket, letting go of old furniture and clothes I no longer need."
(J Ward)

 "Excellent product. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Very effective and to think that this is natural and has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine, we should all be looking towards plants and natural things if we can. Western medicine has its place, but it's also destroying people as drugs are toxins after all. I think that people who stumble on to Ashwagandha will find great relief from their symptoms. This would be a great product also for people who are maybe suffering various withdrawals from drugs or alcohol. Its adaptogenic nature makes it great for whatever state your mind and body are in, and whatever state it needs to be in, in order to feel balanced. When buying Ashwagandha you need to make sure you are getting the full spectrum version of the plant, to get all the benefits, so choosing a brand like KSM66 or Sensoril is the way to go. This product uses KSM66, so you know exactly what you are getting. It can be quite strong, especially when starting, so perhaps try one tablet first to see how you get on and gradually build up to two. You may feel sleepy, so having a bed nearby is always a neat idea ;) all in all, I would highly recommend this product, and will be back again!"
(Witch Doctor 94 via Amazon)
"I have been taking Ashwagandha for around 4 months now. When my previous supply ran out, I decided to shop around. I could feel the benefits but I had, since last September, had a really annoying twitch in my left eye. This would randomly start at any time and was visible to other people. I googled this and found that it was a stress response. On reading more about Ashwagandha, I decided to look for a higher dose. I found this.  A month on, taking this twice a day, I really do feel better. The twitch has virtually disappeared. I have also noticed that when I wake in the morning, I feel refreshed. I also am sleeping more deeply too. The only different factor is this Ashwagandha. I feel calmer despite being busier and my thinking is more logical too. I work for myself and I've noticed a real change in production too. What marvels!"
(C. Harriss via Amazon)
"After being under a lot of stress with work and finances, I had been suffering from really bad palpitations/AF for over a month, (obviously my first port of call was to see my GP) so I looked for an alternative therapy to see if it could help my problem. I read up on the benefits of Ashwagandha and thought i'd give it a try. The Birch and Wilde product arrived promptly, after taking this for two days there was a noticeable difference, now a week later my AF has almost disappeared. Magic!.... definitely not a placebo effect either. I feel more relaxed too."
(Planet Adam via Amazon)


d-mannose cranberry extract
"I just wanted to say that you D-Mannose and cranberry supplement has been a life saver and is working miracles for my recurrent UTIs"
(Shir. G)

"I did not want to review these too early as I wanted to know that they really did do what they were supposed to. Whilst I have been using them this I can categorically say yes too. I have been so much better than I was and at last I get a sleep at night. So far no more UTI's which is just great but I will keep you up to date with this when I have used them over a longer period of time but fingers crossed. To me they have been a great help already and I cannot praise them enough."
(Jan via Amazon)

"Having tried a few D-Mannose products I thought I would try this make. Not disappointed as these capsules really did the job they were intended for. Will purchase again if required in the future."
(Mrs R Laidlaw via Amazon)

"This product was recommended by my Gynaecologist and I have now been taking 1 gm twice daily for 2 weeks. Birch & Wilde have been extremely efficient with their service and the product seems to be having a calming effect on my bladder. I will write another review in due course when hopefully my UTI’s will be a thing of the past. The capsules are easy to swallow even though they are quite large"
(Claire Bell)

I suffer from recurrent UTIs and have done for many years. I have been using this product for several weeks. I take two capsules every morning and also take two before or straight after intercourse with my hubby to be. Since I have been using this product I have had no bladder soreness and no UTIs! It is literally a Godsend.
(Verified Amazon Customer) 

For almost the same price I paid for a far worse product at Holland & Barrett's I got double the dosage (will last for 2 months where the other lasted for a week) and the product is far superior in quality as in I actually feel a difference in comfort. I will def go back to purchase some more. Many thanks. 
(Maria via Amazon) 

"I’m very prone to UTI’s and have had more antiobiotucs than I care to mention. I’ve tried a few other brands of D-Mannose but this is by far the best. Definitely recommend this product"
(Trinilynni via Amazon) 

"I haven't been taking the D-Mannose and cranberry extract capsules for long yet but I have definitely noticed a positive difference to my symptoms. Thank you."
(Fiona Smith) 

"I've had 3 lots of antibiotics over the summer with UTI infections stubbornly not going away. Feeling exhausted , run down and quite frankly annoyed at being ill the whole summer! I've been taking d-mannose for 2 weeks now and finally have cleared up the infection. The dip stick at the doctors can confirm it! I'd highly recommend these supplements if you've been struggling to clear up a bladder infection or cystitis. I'm going to take some a couple of times a week for a while just to make sure..."
(Gail Via Amazon)