Tara and the Birch & Wilde Story... 

The path to launching Birch & Wilde has by no means been a straight one.

I’ve always been happiest when helping others. I love finding solutions and empowering friends to be strong, healthy and happy. 

Like many of us, in my 20s, I lost my way. Unsure of my true calling, I worked in a series of well-paid jobs, travelled a lot and even ran my own start-up. I waited for a deep sense of purpose to magically materialise. 

Yes, on the outside I was successful and happy, and don't get me wrong I had some great times! However, something just didn’t feel right, I didn't quite feel whole.

When I look back I was overworked, stressed, sleep deprived and increasingly anxious. Yet, I didn't see this and felt unable to stop. 

I thought if I just kept going, tried harder, things would get better. As a result, I saw friends less and worked more. Hobbies and interests drifted, and I turned to props outside of me, like a nice glass of wine, for that welcome relief.

I’m a country girl at heart, and the exciting city life I once loved had now engulfed me. I was rapidly heading for burnout.

Changes needed to be made and they needed to happen fast!

And then, a traumatic event at work completely knocked me for six. Already burnt out, I lacked the solid grounding I needed to recover. At the time this felt like the end of the world. Looking back, I see the purpose. It was only through this experience that I was forced to stop, breathe, take a step back and reassess my life.

My first port of call was to see a therapist. The impact of this was immeasurably positive. Seeking help kick started the 'journey back to me' that I have been on ever since. 

I started yoga, moved back to the Devon countryside and began to re-discover my core self – that wild and carefree young girl who would spend her weekends at the beach, kayaking, climbing trees or cycling through the countryside.

I focused on truly prioritising my wellbeing - both mentally & physically. I worked remotely, but I put in proper boundaries. 

I researched hard – I changed my nutrition, built up my fitness and found supplements that supported me in doing this. Gradually, my spark (and my smile) began to return.

Biology, psychology and physiology have always fascinated me, and so researching wellbeing and supplements was a joy. And bingo! I found my purpose…
Founder of birch and wilde beauty and wellbeing supplements tara barton

My story is by no means unique...

The challenges of life really are the best teachers, and I am certainly grateful for mine now. 

The right supplements, combined with some ‘tweaks’ in my lifestyle, have been an integral part of bringing me to this more contented and fulfilled part of my life. 

Now I am so happy to be able to support others in their own life changes and developments.

You may have one just like it, or perhaps quite different, but you feel the same.

I firmly believe that with the right support we all have it within ourselves to live lives of purpose, contentment, happiness and fulfilment – lives that we love.

Empowering our own wellbeing, by supporting our bodies and minds, is just the beginning.