Immune Health

Immunity and good immune system health have never been more important in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Immune System is looked after in a number of ways by a vast array of different vitamins (such as C and D3), minerals (like Zinc) and other nutrients (for example citrus bioflavonoids). And there are many additional herbal extracts, that have long been revered for their positive effect on immune health.

So whilst they are still very important, Vitamin C and Zinc are not the only things to consider when it comes to boosting immunity. It's vital to ensure maximum bioavailability of ingredients, as well as good gut health, to ensure they are all well absorbed.

That is the exact reason all our ingredients come in their most bioactive formats, optimised doses, with additional herbal extracts and nutrients, and we have included a probiotic to ensure a happy gut balance and excellent nutrient absoprtion. 

Don't forget all our products are available in twin packs and other bundles for added value, and we offer a lovely selection of sustainable refill and travel pots. 

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