FittSteps Flow Series

Exercise Tailored Around your Hormone Cycle

We are very proud to have partnered with Jess, of FittSteps Training to produce this fantastic 'flow' series - accessible and effective short exercise videos for women, based around their own hormone cycles. Jess Keniston runs FittSteps Training and is an NEFPC qualified Personal Trainer, Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist, Qualified Fitness Instructor and Certified Nutritional Adviser.

Jess' mission is to help women make small and sustainable changes so that they can find their healthiest and happiest life. As a busy mum of 4, as well as being a business owner, Jess knows that 'working smart' always leads to the best results. She is confident that with the right approach, it's possible to find the 'right' routine for every individual.

With busy lives in mind, every video is a bitesize version created especially to give you exactly what you need at any given time of month. FittSteps flow sessions can easily fit into your day - whatever time you can make it, and wherever you happen to be. An expert at tailoring exercise based on menstrual cycles, we're so happy to be working with Jess on our mission to empower your wellbeing!

To find out more about how these sessions work with hormonal cycles, and how shorter, more accessible exercise times can help you, make sure you read Jess's Guest Blog here. Keep an eye out for new videos of this lovely supportive series as Jess releases them... Enjoy!

Week One - Menstrual Week 

The perfect workout to support your menstrual week

Week Two - Follicular Week 

Making the most of your energy to build strength

Week Three - Ovulation Week 

Illuminated and ready to take on the world!

Week Four - PMS Week 

Choose from two videos - or do both depending on your energy levels! 

Gentle Hips & Glutes: recovery & movement


Kind & Strong Core Grounding: energy & depth

If you like what you see, follow Jess on her fabulous and easy to use Flow by Fittsteps Training App!