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Discover our totally free, fully guided wellbeing meditations...

Designed to promote a sense of calm, improve self esteem, reduce stress, help confidence and self love, our guided meditation selection (which will continue to grow!) is created to help you to relax in quick, easy and simple ways. Our meditations are usually under 10 minutes, making them easy to fit into your day. Accessible online at any time, and completely free to use. Just click the link below to listen. 

Simply find somewhere comfortable and quiet, then click on your chosen meditation below, and press play. * It may be helpful to use headphones or EarPods to completely immerse yourself in the meditation

birch and wilde guided meditation for relaxation self love and self esteem


 birch and wilde free guided meditation for gratitude and positive focus

Free online guided meditation for gratitude and positive focus from Birch & Wilde

We will keep adding to our free guided meditation library so watch this space (and be sure to sign up to our newsletter below if you want to be notified as they are added). In the meantime, why not discover more about some of the fantastic benefits of mediation by clicking here, and heading over to our blog

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