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It's all in the name... Why are we called Birch & Wilde? 

In Tara's words... Ruby Wilde was my supporter, my grandmother, my beacon. A strong, glamorous presence in our family. Even into her 90s she oozed old-school Hollywood glamour. I remember painting her nails so that she looked ‘just-so’ even in the throes of dementia (when she would say ‘Thank you dear, how much do I owe you?’ after they passed inspection). 

She saw the calling to help and empower others deep within me, long before I was aware of it myself. Like all the ‘Wilde Women’ of our family, she’d be so proud of me, knowing I am living my own truth and helping others. 

[The Image below shows a very glamourous Ruby Wilde, and a young Tara (4-5 years old) being a bit of an adventurous Tom-Boy (as always) in her favourite red dress!]

Young Tara Barton in a red dress, leaning over a door with purple summer flowers to one side, with a glamourous image of Ruby Wilde, black and white, tara's grandmother


My father planted a birch sapling in our front garden on the day I was born. This tree has such deep significance to me for this. Now even more so because, like me, it has weathered the storms and remains tall and strong. It represents the grounded, compassionate side to my family; a truthful and solid emotional reality.

Birch & Wilde products are designed with this strong and beautiful woman in mind. To mirror her effortless style. To fit seamlessly into a busy life. To reflect both her timeless elegance, and the grounded natural essence of the birch.

Together the glamourous 'Wilde' and the grounded 'Birch' embody all that we stand for as a business... And so we are, Birch & Wilde.

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