The Menopause Diaries With Lara C

One Woman's Experiences, Learnings & Hormone Based Rants!

Lara C is an ex-dancer, qualified fitness instructor and mum, based in beautiful South Devon close to the Salcombe, Kingsbridge and Dartmouth coast. She teaches daily classes in Total Body Strengthening, Zumba and Stretch. Lara works one-to-one with women to help them define and achieve healthy wellness and fitness goals. During Lara’s unique program, REBALANCE, women gain insight and awareness into new habits and goals they want to address. In addition to Lara’s menopause diaries, she is a strong believer in women using weights to maintain muscles, posture and strength.

The Menopause Diaries in Lara’s Words…

I started going through peri-menopause, followed by menopause, from about the age of 40 onwards. After not knowing or understanding what was going on, and why I seemed to have lost my sense of self (both mentally and physically at times), I spent 5 years on a total rollercoaster ride. I have no mum to turn to, was shy to talk to other women, and doctors will not freely investigate hormones unless your periods have stopped. Does any of this sound familiar? Have you been here?

I made the menopause diaries to start a conversation about symptoms in a relatable, funny way. I want to break some of the taboos, make it ‘ok’ to talk about menopause, and create a little more solidarity for anyone going through any of the 30+ symptoms! Take it from me… YOU ARE NORMAL! I hope you enjoy the diaries, and perhaps maybe even join in with a rant or two!

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Talking about Menopause and... Memory (What Memory?)

Do you get brain fog or memory loss? It’s all to do with our Oestrogen. Watch this short video to find out why and what can help you.

Talking about Menopause and... Sleep zzzz!

What happens to our sleep during peri-menopause and menopause? Has your sleep pattern changed? Zzzzzzzzzz... Do you know why and what you can do to look after yourself? Watch this short video to find out why and what you can do to sleep better.

Talking about Menopause and... sex (yes, I said vaginal dryness!)

Do you find sex painful? You are not alone! And it’s all about the oestrogen, again! Vaginal Dryness (among other things is super common), and yet we don't / can't talk about it. Watch this short video to find out more. 

P.S... There are homoeopathic products such as black cohosh that can help. If you know any more feel free to share, I for one would LOVE to hear about them! 

Talking about Menopause and... I'm not OLD - myth-busting!

Myth busting... Why do people think menopause means 'old'? I don’t (as you will see in this video). Do you? 

Talking about Menopause and... Testosterone... and Sex!!

Do you feel sexy? Most of us know that Testosterone isn't just for men, but do you really know how it affects your sex drive, your energy, and whether or not you actually 'feel' sexy? Our levels can be dramatically affected by perimenopause and menopause! Watch this short video to find out how

Talking about Menopause and... Weight!

Have you put on weight going through either peri-menopause or menopause? Yes, it's very likely you have hormonal factors at play, but could also be a history of eating refined carbs (causing glycemic stress) & lack of exercise.

Talking about Menopause and... Oestrogen

Do you know why we need oestrogen? What does it do? How does it affect, and how is it affected by perimenopause and menopause? 

Talking about Menopause and... Progesterone

Do you know what Progesterone does? I didn't! What does it do? How does it affect, and how is it affected by perimenopause and menopause? 

Talking about Menopause and... MOOD!

Do you suffer from mood swings? More so now than ever with PMS? I do & it’s really awful, for me, as well as those around me. Watch this short video to find out more

Talking about Menopause and... Self Care & Confidence

Has going through perimenopause or menopause made you lose confidence in yourself, or your body? It's unbelievably common, and so little talked about! I felt betrayed by my body & had to find ways of loving myself again. Watch this short video to see the simple things I do to boost my self-care and make sure I really do still love myself! 

Talking about Menopause and... Drink?!

Do you know how alcohol affects us during peri-menopause and menopause? I know the facts but it’s the one thing I struggle to let go of. How about you?