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1. How recyclable are our Refill Tins and Travels Pots?

Tinplate versus Aluminium

Our beautiful rose gold travel tins and refill pots are all made from tinplated steel under their golden exterior. It's the tinplate coating gives them their lustrous feel.

We selected this material for both its durability and its eco-conscious credentials. After lasting a long time, it is then highly recyclable, and in initial production it uses just a fraction of the amount of energy for other materials.

The other option was aluminium, which is also widely used in food and drink production.

So why did we opt for the tinplate, and which is better for the environment?

The good news is that tinplate is easily as recyclable as aluminium. This is because all tins are made from steel, and the tinplate is an external coating. In the UK, 79% of steel (which includes tinplated steel) is recycled, vs. 73% of aluminium.

When it comes to energy usage for production, recycled aluminium saves a fantastic 95% of the energy required for primary production. Whereas, tinplate saves 70% energy, which is still a high amount.

However, steel (including tinplated steel) requires a lot less energy than aluminium to make initially by a considerable margin. So energy usage across ALL tinplate production is considerably less than aluminium when all factors are accounted for.

For example, each tonne of uses 22 gigajoules of energy to produce. Whereas, aluminium will use a whopping 211 gigajoules of energy to make, giving tinplated steel a huge advantage when it comes to looking after our planet!

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