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Birch and Wilde Blog: The Wellbeing Revolution

vegan pancakes drizzled with cacao sauce bananas blueberries and flowers to garnish

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Mia's Perfect Cacao Pancakes

As part of our new delicious vegan recipe series, Mia (Aka, The Travelling Vegan) is sharing one of her biggest hits; her Perfect Cacao Pancakes. Having personally tasted these at Birch & Wilde HQ, we know they are pretty addictive (but that's ok, because they are also pretty nutritious!). Simple to make and easy to tailor to your own personal 'food loves', this is a firm favourite! It's time to have a go... 
close up image of womans beautiful bright blue eye with arched eyebrow

SUPER SELENIUM: Do You Know The Top 5 Benefits Of Selenium For You?

In our ‘Supplement Focus’ at Birch and Wilde, we hone in on specific supplements so that you know exactly what they do, why you need them, and how they benefit your wellbeing. If you’re new to supplementing you might not have heard of Selenium, as it’s one of the lesser known minerals. However, being low in Selenium can have quite a negative impact on your wellbeing, so it’s an important one too!

large white bowl filled with colourful yellow delicious vegan dhal and garnished with a pink and blue flowers and green herbs

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Mia's Delicious Vegan Dahl (Soulful Food From Around The World)

In the first of our new recipe blogs, Mia (Aka, The Travelling Vegan) makes her debut sharing one of her most popular dishes from around the world.
Mia's Delicious Vegan Dahl is packed full of nutrition, flavour and colour, and is very simple to make. 
Beautiful cliff and coastline with brunette woman smiling and holding flowers looking back at camera

PMS (PRE MENSTRUAL SYNDROME): A Focus On The Top 6 Natural Supplements To Help Improve Your Symptoms

When you’ve experienced PMS, you know how awful it can be to have pre-menstrual syndrome, and you’re probably here because you’re looking for a more natural way to manage your symptoms. Well, you’re in the right place because today, we are talking about some of the best natural supplements...
bright yellow sunflowers against clear blue sky

PROBIOTICS: Our 3 Top Tips For Rebalancing Your Digestion

Are you feeling that your nutrition has slipped over winter? Do you suffer with uncomfortable issues like digestive discomfort, such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)? Perhaps you’ve had to have a dose of unavoidable antibiotics over the winter season? In this short article, we explain how and why quality probiotic supplements can help bring you back to your beautifully balanced self.
beautiful sunset of red blue purple and orange with silhouette mountains and blue sky above

VITAMIN D: Why Science Backs Vitamin D as Winter's Best Supplement!

Vitamin D is so important for you: you often know it in the back of your mind, you often feel it in your bones, in your energy levels dipping or in low immunity, but you don’t really do anything about it. However, did you know that this ‘knowing’ about Vitamin D is actually backed by scientific fact? So why should you be taking Vitamin D? 

view looking down on table with blue and white cloth with book tea and apples or pears

GUEST BLOG: Georgina Lynch - The Importance of Self Care and Restorative Yoga

Georgina Lynch is a fully qualified therapeutic counsellor, life coach, mentor and yoga teacher. 

Last week we attended her beautiful Restorative Yoga workshop to discover how this can play a part in Empowering Wellbeing. We can't recommend it enough! So, why should you try it, and why is Self Care so very important? 

person lying down holding bright red hot water bottle to stomach

D-MANNOSE DE-MYSTIFIED: What is it and how will you benefit?

If you are one of the estimated 4 million annual sufferers of regular bladder infections, UTIs and cystitis, then this could truly be a game-changer for you! D-Mannose has seen huge growth in the wellbeing and nutritional supplement world recently, particularly when it comes to the prevention of UTIs and cystitis.

woman sitting meditating on top of wall on mountain with red sunset and mountain range in background

MEDITATION: The Top 5 Benefits and Why It Will Help YOU!

Meditation is fast becoming one of the biggest buzz words of the wellbeing world today.

And not without good reason. It’s free, there are endless online resources, anyone can do it… and what’s more, it works!

bright orange alarm clock with yellow bellow on bedside table next to patterned cup of black coffee

SLEEP: Part 2 - The Top 9 Lifestyle Tweaks To Help You Sleep

Making the changes needed in order to get good sleep can impact your life in some fantastically positive ways. However, breaking habits and making lifestyle tweaks can be hard in the beginning.
Here are your top five motivators for remembering that the changes are truly worthwhile (even if they get tough).
woman with brown hair asleep face down on bed with white sheets

SLEEP: Part 1 - The Top 6 Supplements To Help You Sleep

There is no doubt that a lack of good quality sleep can have a huge impact on your day, and your life. From brain fog and poor memory, to feeling physically drained or achy, to feeling unusually emotional or unable to cope (or all of the above!). Poor sleep is simply no good for your wellbeing, and if you suffer chronically, it can become life limiting.   
YOGA: Stress, Life and The Benefits of Yoga

YOGA: Stress, Life and The Benefits of Yoga

Many of you will have felt the familiar pull of life becoming busier and busier, and the stress of trying to make sure everything is done on time starting to creep in.

Thankfully, Yoga can offer you significant relief. Yoga can soothe your body and mind, and help you ground yourself in a healthier, more energised yet calmer reality.