Apple cider vinegar

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: The Top Four Most Surprising Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements

You may or may not have heard that Apple Cider Vinegar can have an array of different health benefits – from supporting weight loss to improving heart health. And if the thought of drinking any kind of vinegar puts you off (it certainly does us!), then fear not! Apple Cider Vinegar is now available in easy to take supplement form. Here we are focussing on just our top four benefits, although there are more! So find out more about what an Apple Cider Vinegar supplement can do to help you right here… 
Amino Acids

AMINO ACIDS: Why Are Amino Acids So Important, and How Do You Benefit?

Amino Acids have been a huge buzzword in the health and nutrition space for a while now. We all know that they are important, but do you really know why and how they impact your health and wellness? Read on to find out more, and why they are a vital aspect of your health…

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Perfect Vegan Nutloaf

This savoury Chestnut Roast is packed full of flavour and is absolutely perfect through the winter months of roast dinners – making it an ideal centrepiece for a very merry vegan Christmas.
Self Care

SELF CARE: Our Top Three January Self Care Treats

It’s that time of year again – the Yuletide festivities are over for another year, the days are short, cold and often damp, and it feels like an age until the new shoots of spring appear, or the next Bank Holiday appears tantalisingly on the horizon. If you are feeling a touch of the January blues, worry not! We have the perfect recipe of healthful-indulgence to see you through with our three favourite self-care treats to indulge in during the coldest months of the year.


FEEL GREAT: Our Top Five Supplements For Boosting Wellbeing This New Year

What better way to start the New Year than with a boost to your wellbeing? Here are our top five supplements to give you the lift you need at the start of 2020.

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Warming Winter Falafels

These baked Falafels have a crunchy outside and are fluffy on the inside. The spicy harissa paste and cayenne pepper add a nice little twist to the traditional version.
Vegan Buffet

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Top 3 Easy Vegan Buffet Ideas

The festive season is just around the corner and we are fast moving into a beautifully Christmassy atmosphere. I am so thrilled to share these recipes with you, in hope that these will make this time of the even more magical. The intention was to stick to basic recipes, and turn them into a vegan version while also exploring traditional side dishes giving them my own little twist. These are all wonderful ideas to add to your Vegan Christmas Roast or your Christmas or Boxing Day Buffet table – filling and delicious!

IMMUNITY BOOSTING: Top 5 Immunity Boosting Supplements This Winter

When the nights draw in and the temperature starts to drop, it’s a great time to make sure you give your immunity a welcome boost this winter. By ensuring your immunity is well boosted, you are ensuring you avoid as many of the ‘winter nasties’ as possible and stay fighting fit and full of energy! So, to give you a head start, here are our top five immunity-boosting supplements!
Thai Green Curry

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Tasty Vegan Thai Green Curry

This wholesome and tasty Vegan Thai Green Curry is rich, creamy and full of bold flavours with a kick of heat. It’s a hearty, comforting vegan meal that leaves you satisfied for hours. The creamy coconut tames the heat of the curry paste, bringing it down to a light kick which energises you out of any winter rut!
Self Care

SELF CARE: Top 5 Techniques to Put Yourself First In Your Own Life

You might know that looking after yourself is important, but do you have a toolkit of just how to go about putting yourself centre stage in your own life? Nourishment doesn’t just start and end with nutrition (although obviously good nutrition is one of the most fundamental building blocks of looking after yourself). Nourishment also means looking after you, on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. We can’t wait to share with you our top 5 techniques to putting yourself first and living your most healthy, happy and contented life.
Veg stew

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Sassy Veg and Coconut Super Stew

Autumn is the season of harvest, a time to pull inward and gather together on all levels, a time to store up fuel, for the approaching stillness of winter. Everything in nature contracts and moves its essence inward and downward.

This power packed sassy super stew takes minimum time and effort to cook up an evening meal for you and your people. It is also brilliant for batch cooking for the freezer or to have as week-long lunches or dinners.


INFLAMMATION: The Top 5 Supplements to Help with Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal body reaction that occurs as an immune response to fight infection and protect you from disease. It is characterised by redness of the skin, swelling and raised skin or body temperature. Under normal circumstances, these responses all help to heal your body by fending off contagion (infectious nasties!) and as such is quite normal. In fact, this response goes to show that your body is working well as it means your circulation, endocrine (hormonal) and immune systems are all doing their thing.