Ginger Granola

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Warming Winter Ginger Granola (Vegan, of course!)

Crunchy. Satisfying. Naturally sweetened. Fibre and protein-packed. Simple & Delicious. These are the words that come up when having a bowl of this gorgeous warming winter granola in the morning! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day! Why? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure, but this Granola always gets me pumped to roll out of bed and into the day. It is power packed goodness with rich oils and protein in seeds and nuts, plus we get an extra anti-inflammatory boost from having Ginger in there. This is something we cannot get enough of now that winter season is right around the corner.

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B Complex

BEAUTIFUL B COMPLEX: And Why You NEED It To Feel Fabulous on a Daily Basis!

There are a bevvy of beautiful B vitamins which, when combined, make up a supplement known a B Complex. When Vitamin B deficiencies occur symptoms can include poor concentration, muscle pains or cramps, anxiety, bad pms symptoms, skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis, fatigue, headaches and anaemia. And they are not just limited to this. The impact on your overall wellbeing can be enormous!

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Recurrent UTI

RECURRENT UTIS ARE A CURSE!! Guest blogger, model, and mum, Kim Charles, speaks out...

People don't talk much about recurrent UTIs, which can become so severe that they are life-limiting in many ways. To those who have never suffered it's often seen as just another 'hidden illness' and the true pain and misery are misunderstood. It is estimated that up to 92 million people will suffer a UTI globally every year, and in less developed countries these can be fatal. 

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ZINC: Why You Should Consider Zinc - Top 6 Benefits

With Autumn really starting to take hold, many of you might be starting to worry about struggling with recurrent infections, colds, fatigue or healing to 100% wellness. We are great believers that prevention is better than cure, and that is why we want to talk about zinc! Zinc is an essential mineral for your body, and one of the most purposeful minerals for this season! It is a powerful antioxidant, crucial to immunity, and helps fight infection and prevent colds. Find out more now... 


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Fried Rice

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Fabulous Fried Rice Recipe

This veggie and nutrient-packed recipe is super simple to make and amazing as a side or main dish for any occasion or regular weekday. Sticking to the basics, you can shuffle and replace all veg with whatever is in your fridge. It’s an easy way to use up leftover rice or cook in bulk for the week to come. In a blink of an eye, you made yourself a fresh, satisfying and rich in colour lunch or dinner.

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Autumn health

AUTUMN SEASON: Changing Our Wellbeing Needs With The Seasons

Ah, Autumn, the season of change and renewal! September and October can feel like challenging months in many unexpected ways. However, as the weather adapts during this time of year, at Birch & Wilde we love to take lessons from nature, as we realign ourselves with what autumn can really bring for our wellbeing.

So, if you’re feeling the autumnal dread, read on to find out how best to help you re-balance and adjust so that you can enjoy autumn and feel much more at ease in yourself.

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Beautiful Beetroot with Lentils & Polenta

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Beautiful Beetroot with Lentils & Polenta

This savoury lentil dish with a vibrant beetroot puree served on creamy polenta is a lovely way to elevate a vegans’ standard ‘beans and rice’. It might take a bit longer than refrying your beans and cooking up some rice but is indeed worth the time and patience. When I first had this combo, I slurped up the entire giant plate of food because it was so freakishly delicious!

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ZMA minerals

ZMA: The Benefits of a Beautiful Combination of Minerals

We know it can be a bit of a minefield trying to work out which supplements you need in your life, but have you heard of ZMA? So what's better than a supplement that offers a multitude of benefits all in one go? 

ZMA is our latest obsession! It’s a beautiful combo of some of the most essential minerals - Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6! In this blog, we cover exactly what ZMA is, why it is useful, how it can help us, and some of its top benefits

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CONFIDENCE: Let Your Confidence Grow With You

CONFIDENCE: Let Your Confidence Grow With You

Some of us love the idea of aging. The thought of stepping more into a beautiful wisdom and confidence can feel exciting and liberating. Who wants all the drama of youth, anyway?! And yet, on the flip side, for so many of us, it can seem really daunting to feel as if time is slipping away and taking its toll on how we look, our physical ability and our brain power. We can often flit between the two different thoughts in almost the same moment!

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Vegan BBQ

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Top 3 vegan BBQ treats - Why are they good for you and work well on the BBQ

The summer weather can make even the cosiest among us want to head outside and make the most of it! And when it comes to food and nutrition, a BBQ is such a fantastic way to socialise, eat healthily AND make the most of long light evenings and warm weather! The word ‘vegan’ (and sometimes even ‘vegetarian’) can strike fear into many omnivorous BBQ chefs when it comes to sharing a BBQ with friends and family. However, it really doesn’t need to…

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GUT HEALTH: Top 5 Supplements For A Happy Gut

So many of us suffer from gut-related issues, and there are a variety of different labels for the problems we can often face with this. These can range from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), through to a range of less specific things like flatulence, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and acid reflux. There are millions of sufferers across the globe and yet because of the somewhat ‘embarrassing-seeming’ nature they can, at times, be hard to talk about. 

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Green Smoothie

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Tropical Thunder Green Smoothie

In this super quick and easy Green Smoothie recipe, Mia (A.K.A The Travelling Vegan) shares her favourite Tropical Thunder Green Smoothie. Absolutely perfect for summer, this recipe is a really winner (and a firm favourite at Birch & Wilde HQ). Smoothies are such a fantastic way to pack in the nutrition in a really tasty and easy way. If you don’t make them already, it’s definitely time to give it a go! And if you do, we would LOVE to hear your favourite combinations – comment below!

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Body Confidence

BEAUTIFUL: Body confidence from the inside out

Do you feel beautiful, or are you struggling with the idea that you should be more (or less) of something? So often we view the world as outside-in. But, at Birch & Wilde we’ve come to see things differently, and what a realisation it has been! So many of us feel the self-confidence struggle! And yet, when we truly look after our bodies, from the inside-out, we begin to see that the external really doesn’t matter, and certainly not in the ways we have been conditioned to think.

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vegan buddha bowl

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Beautiful Buddha Bowls

In this deliciously simple Buddha Bowl recipe, Mia (A.K.A The Travelling Vegan) shares just how easy it is to create something as lovely and delicious (and super good for you) as her beautiful Buddha Bowls. Hugely popular at the moment, here's a great chance to enjoy Mia's version, and get confidently creative enough to start mixing things up and inventing your own! What are you waiting for? It's time to give it a go...

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Magnesium supplement

MAGNESIUM: 5 Simple (But Important) Reasons To Supplement Magnesium

Are you experiencing fatigue and weakness, or perhaps struggling to sleep? These can be some of the more common signs of needing a little additional magnesium support. But what exactly is magnesium, and how can it help? How do you know if you really do have a deficiency, and what are the benefits of magnesium? Well, we are about to answer all of this, right here. 

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vegan pancakes

THE TRAVELLING VEGAN: Mia's Perfect Cacao Pancakes

As part of our new delicious vegan recipe series, Mia (Aka, The Travelling Vegan) is sharing one of her biggest hits; her Perfect Cacao Pancakes. Having personally tasted these at Birch & Wilde HQ, we know they are pretty addictive (but that's ok, because they are also pretty nutritious!). Simple to make and easy to tailor to your own personal 'food loves', this is a firm favourite! It's time to have a go... 

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selenium benefits

SUPER SELENIUM: Do You Know The Top 5 Benefits Of Selenium For You?

In our ‘Supplement Focus’ at Birch and Wilde, we hone in on specific supplements so that you know exactly what they do, why you need them, and how they benefit your wellbeing. If you’re new to supplementing you might not have heard of Selenium, as it’s one of the lesser known minerals. However, being low in Selenium can have quite a negative impact on your wellbeing, so it’s an important one too!

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