Yoga Breaks

We are very proud to have partnered with Natalie, of Yoga, Field & Sea to produce a fantastic series of super accessible and effective free online yoga classes. The 'Yoga Break' series is based on short sessions of yoga suitable for any level.

Designed to fit in around busy lives and lots of juggling, and to bring a sense of calm into your daily life! These beautiful 20 minute yoga sessions slot easily into your day - whether you're a morning or evening person, and wherever you happen to be!

And, if you're wondering whether 20 minutes of yoga is 'enough', don't! Check out Natalie's Guest Blog here, to find out exactly why, and discover how short yoga sessions are still really effective.

What's holding you back? It's time you gave yourself a little bit of love in Yoga form! Keep your eyes peeled for new episodes of this beautiful series as Natalie releases them... 

Part One - Morning Yoga

This first short yoga episode is ideal for mornings - whether it's while the kettle boils for your morning cuppa, a quick 20 minutes while the rest of your household is still asleep, or whilst the kids are having their first online lesson of the day. 

The focus of this Yoga Break is 'Sun Salutations'. It's perfect for the mornings as it helps to bring energy to your day to help get you moving, flowing and ready for the next part of your day in a gentle and beautiful way. 

Part Two - Desk Yoga

This second episode in the series focuses on busy days when you are finding it hard to escape your desk - there are lots of ways to easily implement yoga poses and stretches into time at your desk to make sure that you are really looking after yourself, whether it's home school or work! 

We have called this 'Desk Yoga' but you can do desk yoga anywhere you like really - it could easily be called Dining Table Yoga, or Sofa Yoga or even Armchair Yoga! The main thing is that you can look after yourself, while you work, school, play, study, or eat. It has been especially designed to help get you moving and flowing in a gentle and beautiful way. 

Part Three - Living Room Yoga

This is the third in the Yoga Break series, and is based around beautiful yoga that you can do in your living rooms and other living spaces in your home. So, we are calling this Living Room Yoga. You might even be able to do it whilst the kids are studying or your partner is working in the background!

It's a perfect balance of yoga at home, in a timescale that is accessible and really works, and that will keep you beautifully flowing through your day - time for a little calm and serenity in the comfort of your own living room.