Is 20 Minutes of Yoga Enough? Natalie from Yoga, Field & Sea says YES!

yoga for busy people
You’re probably used to regularly seeing your local or online yoga classes being offered in one hour or ninety-minute sessions. Do you ever crave shorter classes to help you achieve your yoga or wellbeing goals during the daily juggle? Would shorter classes make yoga more accessible for you?

In our latest Yoga blog, Natalie (from Yoga, Field & Sea) answers the question; is 20-minute yoga REALLY worth it? Can you REALLY benefit from yoga in short bursts? In her well-educated opinion, yes, you absolutely can!

Natalie herself juggles a full-time job, a successful yoga retreat business, and three young children. She knows it isn’t always easy, and that life is usually a far-from-perfect dance to get everything done. She is no stranger to the balancing act of trying fit yoga practice into a busy life!

Read on to find out more from Natalie the benefits of just 20 minutes of yoga per day...

At Yoga, Field & Sea, we all agree it’s true that the longer you can practice yoga for each day, the more you will move into your yogic experience. However, we also fully understand that finding up to 2 hours every day to be on your mat is simply just not possible for everyone (most of us!). 

Now that COVID-19 is also becoming a familiar part of how we live our lives, our days can often feel even busier or more overwhelming than normal. And, whilst there is more online yoga available than ever before, in some ways it’s actually less accessible than ever, because we are all juggling such different routines – the irony. 

For many, the pressure of having to practice for hours a day is totally overwhelming and can cause many people to totally reject their yoga all together. If you are new to yoga, starting with a small commitment of just 20 minutes a day may ease you nicely into the yoga world, especially in an already busy routine. 

Can you spare half an hour at lunchtime, but don’t think that this shorter time will really do much good? Well, worry no more! If this is all you’ve got, then we can’t emphasise enough that this shorter time will still offer plenty in terms of benefits. So, don’t let how much time you have available hold you back! 

It is actually well documented by science that between 15-20 minutes of exercise and mindfulness (the exact combo that yoga brings to the mat) can promote vast transformations in your life.

Some of these yoga benefits include:

  • Clarity of thinking
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Releasing stress
  • Improving flexibility

The literal meaning of yoga is ‘union’. It is a word called Sadhguru meaning ‘that which brings you into reality’.

Here in the West, our lives are often so busy, that it can be easy to lose sight of the real meaning of yoga. Effectively we apply our ‘social norms’ to it and forget that is not about who can practice the longest and the hardest, or toning your legs, bums and tums.

In truth, committing yourself to your practice, for any length of time, is still giving you the opportunity to find your own space and re-centre. You will still experience the meditative and physical benefits.

If you only have 20 minutes whilst dinner cooks or the kids are playing, then take it! You will still benefit, and the effect of doing this regularly will be cumulative. The more you do it, short bursts too, the more deeply you will experience the benefits. If this is what it needs for yoga to be accessible for you, then this is what we think you should do.

Furthermore, if you are some who is managing injuries or illness, these shorter practices are ideal as they tend to be a little gentler on your body.

One of our favourite benefits of making yoga ‘more accessible’ is that it doesn’t matter about the length of your daily practice, once you are doing it regularly you will be more energised and present when you are off the mat too. We love this!

By committing yourself to easy to access shorter 20-minute practices you will find that letting go of the chaos of the day, and tuning into your heart and body is much easier.

So, I invite you to enjoy my short and versatile videos during your busier times. Roll out the mat and let the benefits of short 20 minute yoga practises flow into your life. Just click here to access my Free Yoga Breaks Series

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