The Top 5 Benefits You Will See From Hydrating Well

image to show good hydration with a large glass of clear water with bright yellow lemon slices in it and a freshly cut lemon next to it

We talk about Hydration a LOT here at Birch & Wilde, and that is because it is absolutely central to our own self-care and well-being. We are huge believers that if you can only manage one single act of wellness or self-care per day, hydration is what it should be! 

Some days we keep it super simple and just add fresh lemon slices (or mint from the garden) to either hot or cold water. Other days, we love to have fun creating hydrating recipes or smoothies.

image to show good hydration with a large glass of clear water with bright yellow lemon slices in it and a freshly cut lemon next to it

Whatever the weather, you can guarantee we all have our beautiful Birch & Wilde drinks bottles on the desk, all year round, as our simple reminder to take a sip! 

But just why do we do all of this (besides having fun and it all tasting pretty good, of course!). It's because making sure we hydrate well brings us huge benefits for our health, wellness and self-care.

We have pulled together our top five benefits to hydrating well below, but there are plenty more, so let us know your favourite hydration benefit in the comments below! 

Helps to maintain clear skin and complexion effortlessly

It's easy to forget that your skin is the biggest organ of your body. As such, if it's not feeling great, it will really show. Things like flaky, dry or irritated skin, spots or acne flare ups, and skin getting patchy, blotchy, or ageing prematurely can all be classic signals of either acute or chronic dehydration in your skin cells. 

Like all cells, your skin cells are mostly made up of water. So, it makes sense that if the cells aren't getting well enough hydrated, your skin will be dehydrated overall and is likely to look dry, tight or flaky, and fine lines and wrinkles are likely to be more pronounced.

This is our absolute FAVOURITE reason to make sure you hydrate well! It will also help your Marine Collagen capsules and collagen face masks to perform at their best and ensure you are maxing out all the benefits from every angle!  

clear complexion before and after pictures showing the improvement with good hydration
Help to regularly flush out toxins and bacteria 

Our kidneys are the 'filters' of our body and their main function is to filter waste products and prevent toxicity. They need adequate water intake to ensure that they can function properly and do their job well. Poor fluid intake, or dehydration, can lead to a build up of toxins (of various kinds) in the kidneys. That can lead to kidney infections, which are pretty grim and painful! So keep those fluids coming. 

Keeping a flow of hydration through your body can also promote good bladder health and keep things like urinary tract infections at bay, especially alongside a natural supplement such as our D-Mannose and Cranberry Extract.

Good hydration levels can also help protect against kidney stones and constipation, as well as supporting joint health (the water helps to reduce inflammation and help cartilage health).

Boost your brain function, cognition and memory

The cells in our brain are no different to those in our skin when it comes to the fact that they have water content. So keeping them working well simply by staying well hydrated is a great way to look after your them! 

Psychologists at the University of Westminster and the University of East London recently carried out a study that found that drinking just 300ml of water can boost attention and focus by up to 25%! If you are struggling with brain fog or concentration, this is huge! 

Other similar studies also discovered that those taking part performed significantly faster and better in a series of cognitive tasks after drinking water versus those who did not.

In contrast, many studies have previously shown that dehydration can result in reduced memory function and motor skills, and an impaired attention span. 

image of a mechanical brain inside a head with metal cogs turning round

Improving your mood 

One of the primary causes of headaches is dehydration, and of course a headache is going to have quite a negative impact on your mood! So, as well as keeping headaches off the agenda, a nice big glass of water will go quite a long way to keeping you feeling buoyant, happy and healthy. 

Research has also shown that water is important for maintaining your mental health. Dehydration may increase your risk of anxiety and depression, among other unhealthy mental states.

smiling face drawn in flat yellow sand at a big beach with the calm sea in the background to show a happy mood

More energy to do what you love

It is super important to replace fluids lost from the body, especially after exercise, or in hotter weather when you may sweat more. Staying hydrated before, during and after exercise can not only improve endurance, but also reduce fatigue and aid recovery. Combined with proper hydration, a little exercise can really help to boost energy levels.

The group of vitamins known as Vitamin B is a group of 8 vitamins that all work together synergistically, and at cellular levels. Besides keeping cells well hydrated, the B Vitamins play a large role in energy production and metabolism.

So as well as ensuring you are well hydrated, if you struggle with low energy levels, a Vitamin B Complex (with bioactive and highly absorbable type of the vitamins) is worth considering! 

the word energy spelled out using scrabble tiles to represent that good hydration can improve energy levels

We definitely talk about it a LOT, and with good cause. It's simple - good hydration is the most cost effective way (and the easiest-to-implement) to look after your body.

There are so many more benefits that we could add to this list - they are numerous, including gut health, allergy management and good vision, among others! Good hydration positively affects and supports a vast amount of functions in your body.

So if you only do one thing to support your wellbeing, we hope that it is this! Living a healthier, happier life, just by drinking water regularly is a great place to start. 

birch and wilde rose gold sustainable reusable hot and cold drinks bottle or flask to help hydration

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