CONFIDENCE: Let Your Confidence Grow With You

CONFIDENCE: Let Your Confidence Grow With You

Age with Confidence

We definitely think that you can! However, so many of us have mixed feelings about getting older. Some of us love the idea of aging. The thought of stepping more into a beautiful wisdom and confidence can feel exciting and liberating. Who wants all the drama of youth, anyway?!

And yet, on the flip side, for so many of us, it can seem really daunting to feel as if time is slipping away and taking its toll on how we look, our physical ability and our brain power. We can often flit between the two different thoughts in almost the same moment!

But there’s something we are missing. That is that there are not only these two perspectives on getting older. If either of these opinions were 100% true, then wouldn’t everyone feel the same way? So, how can this help us age more confidently?

Age confidently

Understanding the Truth About Ageing

For anything to be an absolute truth, we must all need to know and agree it. That’s simply not true for how we feel and think about getting older. The truth about getting older is that we all feel differently about it, and for an vast array of reasons.

Our ability to age with confidence, and embrace the changes that we will all go through in one way or another, is to be able to understand what is going on for you. Ageing gracefully (or disgracefully!) and beautifully, is available to us all once we understand what is happening, for us specifically!

Of course, there are a multitude of ways in which we notice our bodies and minds age physically. And for much of this, we can really find amazing ways to support ourselves and hold back the years a little (more about this below!). However, it is also really important to consider that our thinking is responsible for creating our feelings about it all.

The true magic of ageing confidently is in looking after yourself physically as much as possible COMBINED with retaining a strong positive outlook emotionally. Once you find your own ways to live in the beautiful present, not allowing your thoughts (and feelings) about it to be dominated by social media, an overly image conscious society and what you ‘should’ be thinking or feeling about your age, you can really start to liberate yourself!

And the bonus is that once you have allowed the ageing anxiety to slip away, you can be assured that as you relax into getting older, you have more chance of your body and mind supporting you well on the journey! Think about it: if you are worrying and thinking a lot about getting older, it leaves little space in your mind for your memory to perform at its best or for you to think as clearly as you normally would.

This kind of worry can also create stress in your body which isn’t conducive to aiding our physical make-up. This means we are more likely to be fatigued and to have less energy (and might even add a few worry lines to our foreheads!). 

The more we can let go of worry and anxiety (age related or not!), the more we allow our body to behave as it is meant to behave, and the easier ageing can be.

We have inbuilt wisdom and beauty. When we truly embrace and accept who we are at all ages, it actually becomes more visible and our confidence shines. This is one of the most beautiful things about getting older and wiser; it’s just about trusting that.

Age Confidently

Supporting Our Bodies and Minds

Of course, even when we do become settled with the idea of emotional self-love and trusting ourselves as we age, there are still plenty of ways we can support and enhance our bodies and minds to age gracefully, physically. 

Confidence ageing

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Here are our 5 Top Tips:

1. Stick to a healthy diet and stay well hydrated 

Perhaps the most obvious one, this is also probably the most important (at any age!). It’s also the easiest to think ‘I’ll get around to it’. However, it is absolutely vital to support our skin, hair, nails, joints, bones, cognitive function and energy levels - so it’s really important not to let it slip as time goes on.

2. Get regular exercise

To stay physically strong and healthy, it is really useful to keep up your fitness levels. However, in order to maintain this consistently it’s important to do something that you really enjoy.

If you no longer feel like jogging 15k, why not try cycling it, or opt for something more gentle like yoga or Pilates? It is really important that you make your exercise something fun that keeps your soul fulfilled.

In fact, I didn’t start surfing until I was in my late 30s (and at a point where I definitely needed more exercise in my world!). It sets my soul alight every time I go, no matter whether I am any good or not! And physically it is some of the best exercise imaginable.

3. Stay socially active

Isolation is no good for anyone (physcially, mentally or emotionally)! Staying sociable, in your own preferred ways, can really help you to keep perspective and help your brain keep active. Why not take up something new to challenge yourself whilst meeting new friends, or attend workshops in things that interest you? There’s so much opportunity out there, even when it doesn’t always feel like it. It’s important to remember that if you’re feeling alone or shy, there’s always someone out there feeling the same as you, and is probably just waiting to connect!

4. Supplement support

Supplements are some of the best possible ways to support yourself with an array of health issue that might result from getting a little bit older. From creaky joints and wrinkles through to heart and circulation issues, there are many products out there that can help.

We always recommend paying the extra for the very best quality. It’s simple, quality really counts when it comes to supplements, and higher quality will always give the very best results. Supplements are probably one of the easiest ways to support yourself around some of the issues of ageing and help improve physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Of course, we must mention our favourites here at Birch & Wilde:

Age confidently

  • Marine Collagen is our top supplement for reducing the physical signs of ageing - it is great for supporting your skin, hair, nails, bones, joints and ligaments, as well as digestive support (to help with things like Leaky Gut and Stomach Candida). 
  • Ashwagandha is our very favourite adaptogenic Ayurvedic herb. It is amazing for reducing stress and anxiety, and for helping you sleep (all of which can contribute to not ageing so gracefully). When you’re struggling with anxiety, try this to calm the mind and keep your brain working optimally.
  • D-Mannose targets one of the most common age related health issues – recurrent UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), Cystitis and bladder health. Cystitis, UTI’s and bladder infections are much more common over the age of 40 and very common over the age of 60 (check out our article here on D-Mannose), so this is a great supplement to support ageing – and it’s actually recommended as self-care guidance by Public Health England!

5. Prioritise self-care

We are probably all guilty of spending much of our lives putting other things first - like the people we love, or our work. So, when you begin to feel you might be struggling a little, whether it’s energy or mood, you totally deserve to step back and enjoy a little pampering of your choice! Self-care is especially important as you age because often your body will send you little reminders to slow down and start putting your own needs first.

If you’re feeling a bit achy, why not book that massage or spend an afternoon with your favourite book? If your skin needs a boost, try a rejuvenating facial, or a long soak with your favourite bath oils. Desperate to get away somewhere warm, book it! Lacking energy, why not head out for a nice walk in the fresh air and boost your inner wellness? This is your life, why not use your time or that pot of savings and truly enjoy looking after you first!

Age Confidently

Overall, we think that the best way to age confidently (besides prioritising your physical health) is to stay present in this moment, allow yourself a mental shift to what is happening right now. And, as well as our top five practical tips (which we think are essential!), prioritise anything that’s good for you and feels good at the same time.

As we age, we really do step into our wisdom more and more, as the layers of what we were ‘taught to think’ fall away and we begin to see that we can trust our own knowing, and allow our bodies to take care of things. All we really need to do, is show up every day, listen to how we feel and love ourselves. 

What are you waiting for? Step into your wisdom, and age gracefully – be proud of the beautiful being that you are, that has achieved so much just to be standing (or sitting) here at this moment.

Age Confidently


We would love to hear your best and worst experiences of ageing! Please share below.

What are your recommendations for keeping the physical signs of ageing at bay?

Do you have a favourite supplement that helps to support you?

Let us know about it in the comments.

As always, wishing you love, wellness and all the best,

Age with Confidence

Confidence ageing
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