The Top 5 Benefits of D-Mannose with Cranberry Extract


D-Mannose is quite simply an awesome supplement, a real game-changer when it comes to preventing Cystitis, Urinary Tract and Bladder infections. 

If you are one of the estimated 4 million annual sufferers of regular bladder infections, UTIs and cystitis, then this could truly be a must-have for you!

Backed by science and the nutraceutical industry, as of 2018, D-Mannose is now recommended by Public Health England and N.I.C.E (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) in their Self Care Guidance for UTI’s. Health care professionals are now regularly recommending it’s used!

Preventing and reducing the energy-zapping and painful symptoms of UTI’s, and keeping harmful bacteria at bay to stay infection free, is so much easier thanks to our specially formulated D-Mannose with Cranberry Extract.

Keep reading to find out our favourite five benefits of taking D-Mannose with cranberry extract.

Reduce harmful bacteria and support the ongoing good health of in your bladder and urinary tract

D-Mannose offers a natural alternative to help prevent infection from occurring and lower the chances of (sometimes frequent) recurrences. It is a natural, simple sugar that is similar to glucose in its structure. It is believed to be the ‘active’ ingredient in cranberries and cranberry juice that helps to minimise UTIs (but without the high sugar content of cranberry juice). 

You only metabolise very tiny amounts of D-Mannose, and so the impact on blood sugar and overall health is very low. It is present in foods such as blackcurrants, oranges, apples, tomatoes, cranberries (of course!) and other certain vegetables (sweetcorn for example).

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you could absorb enough from your food to make it effective in preventing bladder infections, hence the N.I.C.E guidelines to use a D-Mannose supplement to keep your urinary tract healthy. As a maintenance or preventative dose, we recommend a daily dose of 1000mg. This can be doubled to 2000mg at the first sign of any symptoms to help keep infection at bay. 

Around 90% of UTIs are caused by one single type of bacteria: E. Coli. D-Mannose actively prevents the harmful bacteria from attaching to your urinary tract and bladder, supporting and maintaining a healthy urinary system.

Actively and naturally help your body prevent and fight UTIs and cystitis

You might have heard that cranberry juice helps to fight off UTI’s. It’s not just an ‘old wives tale.’ It is the D-Mannose in cranberries that are believed to be the ‘active’ ingredient that helps to reduce UTIs and cystitis.

Absorbing the cranberry goodness without the added sugar of a juice drink means that you are cutting out the additional sugar that can actually aggravate a UTI by feeding the bacteria. Cranberry Extract gives you the benefits of Cranberry Juice (including vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre) but without excess sugar. Winner!

Cranberry alongside the D-Mannose means this is a winning combination, supporting the specific areas of your physical health that will keep you fighting fit and able to keep bladder infections at bay!  

Naturally help reduce the need to turn to antibiotics as often

When D-Mannose reaches your urinary system, it is believed to ‘latch’ onto the harmful E-Coli bacteria there that may otherwise multiply to cause a UTI. By latching onto the bacteria, D-Mannose prevents it from being able to attach to your bladder walls or lining, or your urinary tract. 

What’s more, because your body excretes D-Mannose rapidly, the attached bacteria are also excreted quickly from your body, minimising the chance of infection and keeping harmful bacteria levels low. This, therefore, reduces the need to control bacterial infections with antibiotics. 

As we mentioned before, it would be very hard to obtain enough D-Mannose from your diet alone to achieve this. So, by taking a D-Mannose supplement, you are ensuring you introduce enough D-Mannose into your system to do this effectively. 

Boost immunity and overall wellbeing and strength

The cranberries themselves aren’t just amazing little berries because they produce D-Mannose. They are also a great source of vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre – all of which help boost your immunity and strengthen your physical wellbeing. 

Vitamin C is vital for all-round health, being one of the main antioxidants. It is especially important in your body for keeping your disease-fighting white blood cells active. It helps to build up your immune system and your resistance to viruses. It also kills off infections and viruses in the body and mops up inflammatory chemicals that are produced during those infections.

Support the good health of your gut 

The addition of Cranberry Extract to our D-Mannose supplement maximises its healthy benefits by boosting your immunity with vitamin C and antioxidants, while fibre helps maintain your good gut health. 

Overall, the wonder-combination of D-Mannose with Cranberry Extract supplements boasts fabulous benefits for your urinary tract health and can help reduce and prevent nasty UTIs, cystitis and bladder infections that may otherwise regularly bring you down. 

Our optimal strength D-Mannose and Cranberry Extract supplement is designed specifically to give you the very best results and keep you in the very best of urinary health!

Stay well and happy, beautiful one. Lots of love,


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