Simple, Free & Easy Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immune System

Discover easy simple and free ways to naturally boost your immunity this winter from Birch & Wilde

This year seems to be a tough one in terms of winter colds and viruses, and we all know that a strong and healthy immune system is the key to helping us fight these off and keep symptoms minimal.

Being a bit run down and feeling tired, or generally having health that is a bit low, can mean you are at a greater risk of succumbing. The good news is that as well as giving your system a boost with supplements like our Immunity Complex, there are some really easy things you can do to keep yourself fighting fit and help your body keep the bugs away.

Discover free and easy ways to boost your immune system this winter from birch and wilde

Here are our favourites for you to try…

Stay well hydrated

We talk about this a lot, and it is crucial when it comes to staying well. Fluids help maintain and improve everything from our joints and our eyes to our digestion and our immune system.

Our bloodstream delivers the immunity nutrients we need all around our body, and our bloodstream is mostly water. Hydration is vital for keeping this system operating at its best.

Good hydration also helps with lymph production. Lymph is responsible for collecting bacteria throughout the body and carrying it to the lymph nodes to be destroyed (and you kept well!). Keeping a water bottle to hand through the day can really help as a reminder. When you ensure you are well hydrated, you ensure the army of immunity fighters in your body can perform at their best.

Eating a well-balanced diet

For your immune system to be able to function at its best to protect you, it needs a number and variety of different vitamins and minerals. The most natural way of achieving this is through a balanced and varied diet.

Eating a wide variety of fruit and veggies (of all colours and types) is really important. It’s also great to include nuts and seeds, as they are rich in proteins, healthy fats and natural fibre, giving your system a bit of a head start against bugs!

If you struggle to eat well at times, then you can boost your system with a carefully created broad-spectrum Immunity Complex like ours, which includes a probiotic to ensure it’s well absorbed.

Discover free and easy ways to boost your immune system this winter from birch and wilde

Reducing your stress levels

So many of us have busy lives that can be stressful, and this one might be easier said than done. However, our mental and emotional health is equally as important to our overall health as being physically fit and healthy.

There is now a lot of research that demonstrates the link between stress and a lower immune response. Ie, the more stressed you are, the lower your immunity becomes. Even if making sweeping lifestyle changes isn’t possible (which for many of us it isn’t), being mindful about including a little relaxing or fun time in your week can really help.

Stress reduction is different for everyone, but things like our free and easy guided meditations, walking in nature, reading, seeing friends, a hobby, or even giving journalling a try can really help. If journalling appeals but you are not sure where to start, take a look at our blog here.

Getting some quality sleep

Good quality sleep (and a good amount of it) is essential for keeping your immune system functioning at its best. If you regularly have disrupted sleep, or if you struggle to get enough, then your body doesn’t get the rest it needs to rejuvenate.

Research has shown that those who have 6 hours of sleep or less a night are more susceptible to viruses and catch colds more often. If sleep is an ongoing issue for you, you can try some of our free guided meditations, or you might want to look at our two-part sleep blog and see how you can make small changes that could really help:

Discover free and easy ways to boost your immune system this winter from birch and wilde

Some easy light exercise

Studies have shown that just a small amount of gentle to moderate movement or exercise can help reduce body inflammation and assist immune cell regeneration.

You don’t need to join a sports club or run a marathon – it just needs to be some form of movement that you genuinely enjoy. This can be anything from gentle yoga at home (try our free sessions here), to a nice walk in nature, a swim with a friend, or perhaps a gentle cycle.

Just by moving your body, however you move it (yes, dancing in front of the TV counts too!), you will be supporting your immune system and helping to keep the winter germs away!

Discover free and easy ways to boost your immune system this winter from birch and wilde


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