Marine Collagen Capsules v Powders – which is best?

marine collagen capsules birch and wilde

Collagen supplements come in many forms. The two most well established and popular now are capsules and powders. But which is best and why? Collagen capsules and powders differ in the how the collagen is delivered to the body. And there are some very definitive and advantages to taking marine collagen capsules over powdered forms of collagen supplement. Here we take a look at these to help you to ensure you are choosing the right collagen product and getting the best value and end result.  

marine collagen capsules birch and wilde

What is collagen and do we need it?

Collagen is the elastic component of tissues in the body and is found abundantly in the skin, blood vessels, bones, gums, ligaments, tendons and in many other tissues. Collagen is naturally produced by the body where it helps to keep these tissues strong, flexible and helps prevent breaking and prevents the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

Unfortunately, our natural production of collagen slows down after the age of 25, and therefore to maintain these tissues the same way that we did in our youth, we require a direct dietary source. The best way to get extra collagen that is absorbed effectively is to supplement your diet with a high quality, high purity and well absorbed Marine Collagen - taking one with a low Dalton weight (number) such as Birch and Wilde Marine Collagen is definitely recommended.

However, with so many options on the market, from the well established collagen capsules and collagen powers, to the newer styles of liquid collagen or collagen shots, how do these stack up and which would suit you best?

marine collagen capsules birch and wilde


Measured dose – When taking supplements, it is important to know exactly how much you are taking. Too little a dose may leave you without the desired effect. Although taking too much collagen won't cause too much harm, a large dose (also known as a 'megadose', usually upwards of 2000mg per day) won’t be completely absorbed either. It's just not possible for your gut to process and absorb it all, so some of it will get wasted.

More palatable – Collagen capsules are easy to take and do not taste of anything. Collagen powders can be quite unpalatable and not everyone can stomach them. Collagen powder can sometimes also leave an undesirable after taste which is avoided with capsules.

Less additives – Birch & Wilde Marine Collagen capsules are pure and do not contain any unnecessary additives. The science shows that collagen is best absorbed on an empty tummy, so no additional ingredients is a definite positive for capsule delivery. It also means no flavourings, sugars, or sweeteners are needed (not even natural ones!). 

Protected Collagen - The collagen inside the capsules is protected from the air, moisture and bacteria in the environment. Powdered supplements tend to require additives as the powder is exposed to the environment. So this means powders will tend to have more additives, which is usually not desired. 

Convenient & less preparation – The great thing about collagen capsules is that they do not require preparation and can be take them anywhere conveniently. Collagen powder needs to be added to water before it is taken which can be both time consuming and inconvenient.

Highest dose in fewest capsules – When taking collagen supplements, getting the right dose is important. Birch and Wilde guarantee the highest mg dose in the fewest number of capsules in their Marine Collagen, keeping it simple and yet very effective. It allows you to get all the benefits of capsules in the smallest dose. Not only that but the patented Naticol is hydrolysed collagen with a small weight of 4000 Daltons, making it excellent for absorption into the body.

marine collagen capsules birch and wilde

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