The Top 5 Meditation Benefits and Why It Will Help YOU!


Meditation is fast becoming one of the biggest buzz words of the wellbeing world today. And not without good reason. It’s free, there are endless online resources, anyone can do it… and what’s more, it works!

In a world where the average working week often greatly exceeds 40 hours, commutes are longer and more stressful than ever, and over 526,000 people in the UK alone suffered from work related stress in 2016/17, it is no wonder you might be struggling to ‘switch off’, or perhaps sensing some underlying anxiety.

Is it, therefore, no real surprise that meditative practice is surging in growth when you also factor in the barrage of almost inescapable social media that penetrates so many aspects of our lives, and the accompanying ‘expectations’ we are led to believe we must uphold.

As humans, we are living in an evolutionary technological age that asks us to respond to more than we ever have done before. Thank the universe, then, for meditation!

Could this mindful practice be the key to you finding room in your own life for yourself? At Birch & Wilde, we definitely think that the answer is YES!
Meditation provides you with a way to be able to reach into your own natural and personal resources and energy. It helps you to boost your problem solving abilities, your health and vitality, your focus, and your sense of positivity and calm.

Simply put, it helps you create space in your life to live it as you want, and to become happier as a result.

When practiced regularly, meditation helps you reach a natural state of mind where you are resting, and yet remain open and alert. You can find a sense of stillness, peace and space, as well as strengthening your mind, your inner stability, and your clarity.

So, with a host of high profile celebrities from Jennifer Anniston and Hugh Jackman to Liv Tyler and Arnold Schwarzenegger openly promoting the success of their own meditation, could this be the key to you ‘de-stressing’ in this fast paced world that puts all of us under pressure? Of course it could!

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Just in case you are not already convinced (which hopefully you are!) about how well-practiced meditation can bring calm, peace and focus back into your life, here are our Top 5 Benefits of Meditation.

1. See your FOCUS improve

Meditation becomes easier the more you practice. It gradually trains your mind to focus. This permeates into your everyday life in all areas, and over time it helps you to become more able to naturally focus on daily tasks, and hence less likely to become overwhelmed or experience ‘brain fog’. It can lead to you becoming a lot more effective and efficient!

2. Get better SLEEP 

Anxiety, stress and depression can severely impact your sleeping patterns and your ability to fall asleep. When you mediate, you slow down your brain waves, allowing you to tune in fully to the process of relaxation, in both your mind and your body. This can have a strong sleep inducing effect and allow you to get a good night’s rest again.

3. Increase your HAPPINESS quota

Meditation improves your overall sense of wellbeing and makes you feel happier. This is because it lifts your mood, and has a positive effect on your entire body, by releasing endorphins as you go through the meditation process.

4. Release stress and ANXIETY 

The act of mediation doesn’t just effect you physically through the lovely benefits of endorphin production. It also helps you to mentally shift your focus away from things that may cause stress in your life, and allows you to concentrate solely on promoting positive feelings in your world instead.

5. Bring your BLOOD PRESSURE down

Studies have shown that meditation can contribute positively to a reduction in your blood pressure, and not just for the short term, but into later life too. It is thought that this is due to the possible decrease in your levels of stress, anxiety or depression that meditation can help to relieve you of, as well as increasing your ability to live a happier and healthier life all round. 

It’s clear that however you do it, meditation is VERY likely to have a positive impact on your life and your wellbeing overall. So, what are you waiting for?
If you are not sure where to start, you can try your local wellbeing centre, yoga practitioner or health hub. If not, then there are an absolute abundance of meditation resources available FREE on YouTube and a number of fantastic apps (like Headspace or Insight Timer) – everything from complete beginner to seasoned pro, guided and non-guided, short and long.

Wherever you do decide to start, there is no doubt that meditation will be a positive light in your life, and really help you to start Empowering Your Wellbeing.

  • Do you already meditate?
  • How do you meditate?
  • What results have you seen?
  • How did it help your life?
  • What is your number one top benefit?
  • Do you struggle to start?
  • Are you scared of beginning and not being able to do it?
  • Are you worried you won't be able to? 

    We want to hear all your thoughts on, and experiences with, Meditation!
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