PROBIOTICS: Our 3 Top Tips For Rebalancing Your Digestion

probiotics and digestion
probiotics and digestion

Are you feeling that your nutrition has slipped over winter? Do you suffer with uncomfortable issues like digestive discomfort, such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)? Perhaps you’ve had to have a dose of unavoidable antibiotics over the winter season?

Here at Birch and Wilde we know that it is so often the case that over winter or festive periods our bodies can be disturbed by all the strains from external factors like delicious food (no guilt allowed), food cravings, illnesses or many different situations which can lead to imbalanced gut flora! 

If it’s the case that you are susceptible to gastro issues, it is likely your gut might be feeling the struggle now. If you’re a supplement fan, you may already be supporting yourself, but if you’re new to it or you want to dive deeper - we are right on hand to support your journey back to health. We’re here along your journey!

In this short article, we explain how and why quality probiotic supplements can help bring you back to your beautifully balanced self, as well as how to take the most optimal supplement to support your uniquely perfect self.

probiotics and digestion

Why You Need Probiotics for Digestive Health

If you’re new to the whole concept, probiotics are simply live micro-organisms intended to improve and maintain healthy bacteria to rebalance gut flora. Researchers are still working to fully understand probiotics, but they are finding that many digestive issues can be rebalanced by using them. Imbalances such as symptoms of irritable bowel (abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, excess gas, diarrhoea and constipation) have experienced improvements with probiotics. Science has also researched their use in supporting the gut alongside antibiotics, which can imbalance flora. There is much research still being done - especially for the outcomes for sufferers of ulcerative colitis - and it is really fascinating and exciting to our Research and Development team.

probiotics and digestion

Our 3 Top Tips to Ensure Efficacy

Given all of this, it’s no wonder we are keen to share the love about probiotics! Whether you have heard about them before or you are new to them, you may want to learn more about how to maximise their desired result. So, we’ve some fantastic hints and tips about how to ensure you’re getting the most out of your probiotic!

1. Ditch the Yogurt Drinks – Switch to Supplements

Firstly, as we have seen, probiotics are a great place to start with rebalancing digestive disorder. However, if you do already take probiotics, it may well be in the form of the yogurt-style drinks which have become popular over the years. It might surprise you to know that the thing about the yogurt drinks is that they can be comparatively very expensive, sometimes crammed full of sugar and, often, the quality just isn’t the same as taking them in supplement form – which is also a lot easier!

2. Choose the Perfect Probiotic

Our advice, is to ensure that whatever form you take, you make sure it is right for you. For us, that is about ensuring that the right levels of ‘bacteria’ and quality. It’s usually best to opt for a supplement that contains at least the two main types of probiotic bacteria – Lactobacilli and Bifido Bacteria, and if possible the yeast Saccharomyces Boulardii. You will need to check that the proportions of these are high to ensure it is a quality product for maximum effect.

 3. Know What You’re Using

The other thing to note is that there is a difference between a probiotic and a ‘pre-biotic’, and knowing the difference is key. Probiotics are live bacteria. They are naturally created, and designed to help improve and maintain your ‘good’ bacteria levels. A ‘pre-biotic’ is actually made out of non-digestible parts of food, which are used with the intention to serve as food for the bacteria. There is currently less research of the effects of pre-biotics. We there advise to start with a probiotic and see how you go.

probiotics and digestion

Remember: It’s An Individual Approach

The main thing to remember in choosing an appropriate support for your digestion, is that it is very much down to your individual needs. The holistic view is that no two bodies are the same! It’s all about learning to listen to your body and give it a little time, and then you can know exactly the best way to support it. We’re simply pointing you towards your wisdom, using our own!

Whatever you decide, if you’re suffering with digestive disturbance, we recommend trying a probiotic to create balance. Make sure it is a quality supplement, that includes lactobacilli and bifido bacteria, and you can’t go wrong. You’ll be back to digestive balance in no time!

probiotics and digestion

Until next time... stay happy and healthy, and keep looking after yourselves.

All the best...

probiotics and digestion

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