BEAUTIFUL: Body confidence from the inside out

Body Confidence

Body Confidence 

Do you feel beautiful, or are you struggling with the idea that you should be more (or less) of something? So often we view the world as outside-in. But, at Birch & Wilde we’ve come to see things differently, and what a realisation it has been! 

We want to share this with you, and really, it comes from a very central and heartfelt part of Tara’s (our founder) own life. It is sometimes still a ‘work in progress’ but, we are unlearning our social conditioning, and totally pushing back against body shaming

So many of us feel the self-confidence struggle! And yet, when we truly look after our bodies, from the inside-out, we begin to see that the external really doesn’t matter, and certainly not in the ways we have been conditioned to think.

So, if you’re wanting to see something new about how to be more body confident, put your feet up, stop worrying about what is right and wrong, and read on to learn how to tap into your own intuition and your own self-love… 

Why is Body Confidence Actually Inside-Out?

To us at Birch & Wilde HQ, there is no such thing as a label. In our world, there is no ‘too thin, too fat, not curvy enough, too curvy, not toned enough, too toned, good for your age’. Ugh!
We believe that none of these things really exist anywhere other than in our own thinking. What that leaves us with is that all that really matters is your health – mental, physical, emotional. Health and wellbeing is everything!  
When you are healthy and balanced, from the inside-out, you are already absolutely beautiful. Your experience of being your beautiful self is created entirely by you. Whatever you see, comes from you; not from any world outside of you. 
And so, you can watch all of the subliminal conditioning going on, from social media, advertising, magazines and many other outside sources, but you don’t have to buy into it. Not. At. All. It’s time to blow all of that out of the water! By staying healthy, living a balanced and nurturing life, staying active and fulfilled, and being true to yourself, you are actively choosing not to.
Our experience of life comes from us, not anyone else. Even when others judge us, we can choose to see that as either relevant or (more truthfully) irrelevant. Once you are healthy and strong it is possible to truly see that you really do have a choice, you can see that you are not our thoughts. What you ‘think’ others think of you is still coming from you – you are applying your own judgement to yourself. And, you don’t have to!
Body Confidence
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How Do We See Our Truly Beautiful Essence?

The implication of this is that the real way to achieve body confidence and accept your own inherent beauty is to know that this same confidence is your inborn birthright. When you begin to see through the labels and stereotypes that you (from the outside world) create, you realise that ultimately, you are completely in charge!   

Our wellbeing is innate, and when you look after yourself properly, you are allowing nature to do its job. You can start to see that you are already everything you need to be. The reality is that everything is inside-out, and not outside-in! 

Sadly, in many modern cultures, over time, we are conditioned to believe that the ‘external’ is all that matters. It becomes ingrained in us that the media and society are more important than our own ideas, that beauty is skin deep, that solid self-confidence means you are an ‘egotist’. All that this leaves us with is the belief that we are not enough. 

Born of stereotypes and out-dated societal beliefs, this is so far from being true! You are always enough. When you empower your own wellbeing from within, and you are healthy, well, balanced, and nourishing yourself like you would your own children, you are free to love yourself.

You can nurture and care for yourself, and you are more than enough. You are unique. You are empowered. You are beautiful. You were born this way!  

Body confidence

Embodying Being Beautiful

The way to see this is to simply return to being healthy literally from the inside. Going back to who we were when we were born. Keeping things simple. Balancing our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Discovering the real, strong, confident ‘you’ that doesn’t care what anyone thinks, because you are happy and grounded in your own skin, because you are balanced and healthy.

When it comes to wellbeing and self-empowerment, we have got your back. That’s why we exist! We want to help you get there! Our whole brand ethos at Birch and Wilde is about helping you get back to balanced wellbeing! We invite you to join us in our Wellbeing Revolution! 

We believe we can all be comfortable, well and healthy inside our own skin. We can all break free from the external conditioning and release our truly confident, strong and fulfilled selves. We can step out confidently as our true selves! How?! 

When we look after ourselves, focusing on what’s on the inside, and living an authentic life that aligns with who we truly are, we thrive. It is right at that moment when we start to thrive from being nourished and nurtured, that we see our very own special innate beauty. 

This is the aim of every single Birch & Wilde product – from Marine Collagen to Ashwagandha and from D-Mannose to any number of new wellbeing support supplements that we will bring to market. We want to help - Boost & Revive your confidence, Calm & Clear your mind, Cleanse & Purify your body.

And we will keep creating products that help support you in all the ways you want and need, so you can keep getting closer and closer to knowing without a doubt that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Your innate beauty is already there – all we aim to do is support you as you move towards great wellbeing and self-care, and then can truly see it for yourself. We just help you to build strength in your body and mind, to allow yourself to thrive again, just as you were always meant to. 

We are constantly striving for ways to help you set the foundations of great wellbeing from the inside, creating the building blocks for great overall health and confidence. We want you to feel great, and truly understand your own inherent beauty, and not rely on what a magazine or social media ‘tries’ to tell you.

After all, as one of our favourite quotes from our Hydrolysed Marine Collagen bottle says: 

“You are beautiful. Having the confidence to know this makes you inspirational.”

  Our bodies are our best friends. When we love, support nourish and empower them, they do exactly the same for us in return. Just like a best friend would. It is a truly beautiful symbiotic partnership. Healthiness IS beauty. You ARE beautiful!

 And for now, as always, look after yourself. 

Lots of love,

body confidence


Body Confidence
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