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Wellness Company of the Year Award

Navigating a business through a global pandemic can be tough. But... when you start the year by finding out your company has won a much coveted and very prestigious Wellness Award, it can be a total game-changer!  

I am so unbelievably excited to announce that Birch & Wilde has just won the South West Prestige Awards...

Wellness Company of the Year 2020-21

After a year when our health and wellbeing has never been more talked about, this totally blew my mind. Just knowing that my very own company, my vision, the heart and soul of my beliefs, has been recognised in this way is amazing.

The below press release, really speaks to what I set out to achieve, and means so much: 

"Birch & Wilde is a natural wellbeing supplement brand designed using the highest quality science-backed ingredients and optimal doses to maximise efficacy. The company offers and range of supplements - including Marine Collagen, Immunity Complex, Vitamin B Complex Plus, D-Mannose, and Ashwagandha KMS-66 - which address a variety of different health issues.  

"The beautifully designed supplement bottles are lightweight, slimline and aesthetically akin to spa products, allowing the users to display them proudly and travel with them easily. As all ingredients for the supplements are sustainably sourced and all bottles are recyclable, Birch & Wilde is both ethical and eco-conscious. 

"By creating bottles that are aesthetically pleasing, the company brings nutritional supplements further into the beauty and wellness industries"

"The judges praised Birch & Wilde for creating a supplement brand that values the style and sophistication of its packaging just as highly as it values the quality of its ingredients. By creating bottles that are aesthetically pleasing, the company bring nutritional supplements further into the beauty and wellness industries, rather than the sports or medical industries in which they have traditionally belonged.

"Yet its products are backed by science, making them just as, if not more than, effective than mainstream supplements brands. By sourcing the products sustainably, and manufacturing them in the UK too, clients are given full quality assurance."  

Could I be more thrilled - probably not?! Thank you for all your amazing support xx

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