Exercising With Your Hormones by Jess Keniston of FittSteps

Exercise with your hormones

Ladies, are you ready to find a better flow? For so many of us, we grow up being told that success only comes through hard work, that hustle is the only way to achieve and my favourite old chestnut...."no pain, no gain!" I am here to tell you there is another way.

Now please do not think that I am telling you that there won't be some effort required to reach your health and fitness goals. You will need to commit some time. You will need to make healthy choices. There is a give and take required.
But the great news is that it can be so much more aligned with your body, your hormones and your fluctuating daily needs.

Traditionally diets, fitness programs, training and food plans are based on consistently repeating the same food and workouts week after week. After all you need to give it time to see the results right?

What most of these plans don't take into account are the constant cycles that unfold monthly within a woman's body. 

Hormones matter!

Whether you are aware of the full affect or not, the monthly changes in your body stem far deeper than just some PMT, cramps and a bad mood. Each week of your cycle your body is in a different phase hormonally, and everything from your energy, digestion, decision making ability and soft tissue tension is influenced.

So, how is this considered in your standard food and workout plan?

To my frustration it isn't....or rather is wasn't, usually. For me that had to change.

I am Jess, mum of 4, former dancer, fitness and wellness coach and business owner. A year ago, at 41, I was really feeling the effects of overwork physically, struggling to "pivot" in the face of Covid and keep my business, my family and myself on the level.

Something in my tried and tested programs was not suiting me physically or mentally, so I knew I had to do something differently.

With so many things up in air I started by looking at the constants, the everyday things that I was still totally in charge of. After months of tracking everything from my food, workouts, mood swings, sleep, productivity... you name it I wrote it down... the same 2 things kept popping up. My cycle and the moon phases.

Yep. You heard me right. Me and the moon.

So I looked and found an abundance of research that supported all the patterns I was noticing. In the interest of science I decided to devise a hormone cycling plan to make my healthy habits fit my life, to allow me to work with my body instead of in spite of it. The results have been life changing.

The Flow System is designed to allow any woman to support their own body in the best possible way. We work through strength, cardio, mobility and endurance, with the focus depending on your cycle.

We adjust your food to support the ever changing needs of your cycle, to help to more efficiently deal with cravings and make the most of your energy. Even the oils your burn in your home, the supplements you choose, the type of meetings or social endeavours you choose at each stage can be tailored to your cycle.

Working with your body is the key to long lasting results mostly because the habits you will form feel effortless. You will find your flow.

I am super excited to share my new short video series and mini planner using my brand new Flow System with you in, collaboration with Birch & Wilde.

Hopefully over the first 4 weeks of using the Flow System you will learn to see an easier way to get (and keep!) the healthy, happy results you deserve.

Check out my Flow System videos right here!

Love, Jess x


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