Winter Wellness – Our top tips for staying well until spring

winter wellness

The winter months can seem long, miserable and drawn out for some. The darker nights and lack of sunlight affect a large proportion of individuals. But there are ways to stay well in the winter months and make it until spring.

Keep a positive mind set – Although it can be hard during the dark days to keep a positive mind set, it really does make a difference to health. Plan things that you enjoy well in advance and write them on a calendar. Regular fun and enjoyable activities help to keep you positive and ensure that you have something to get out of bed for. Activities do not need to be extravagant – even just a coffee with a friend, or a meet-up in the park can make a real difference. A positive mind-set improves immunity and mood, so it’s a win-win situation. 

Eat healthy – Eating healthily should always be a priority, however it is even more important in winter when there are so many bugs around. Focus on whole – unrefined foods and cooking from scratch. Reduce or eliminate refined and processed foods as these rob your body of the nutrients you need to stay well. Whole foods are not only rich in nutrients, but also in fibre which supports digestion and immunity.

Fresh air and exercise – It’s very important to get outside and exercise in the winter. Wrap up warm and go for a walk or a jog. Gentle exercise is excellent for improving mood and helping to keep the immune system ticking over. The fresh air is also excellent for mood and exercising in nature such as a park or forest is even better. Plants release chemicals into the air which when inhaled improve the function of the immune system and lowers the stress response.

Prioritize yourself – Make yourself the number one. Take time daily for yourself to relax and take some space. Activities that you do for yourself such as taking a bath, reading a book or spending time on a hobby lowers your stress levels and improves you sense of wellbeing.

Plan things to look forward to – Planning events for the spring and summer can give you a real boost. Whether that is planning a holiday or a family gathering, having something to look forward to in the long term can give you a boost mentally and physically.

Enjoy the moments that life throws at us – Make the most of every opportunity. If it snows, build a snowman or go sledging. If it rains, relax under a blanket and listen to the sound of rain on the windows. If its bright, get outside and go for a walk and check out the winter wildlife. Spontaneous moments like this are good for the mind and bring back a sense of adventure – and we often need this in winter.

Supplement with the right nutrients – Taking the right supplements in winter can be really helpful to maintain wellness. Vitamin D3 supplementation is essential as the lack of sunlight means it is harder to make it during the winter months. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for mental health as well as the health of the immune system. Vitamin D is not the only supplement worthwhile taking. A multi nutrient formula designed for the immune system provides nutrients and herbal extracts that may help to ward off colds and flu.

Prioritise sleep – Good sleep is essential for both mental and physical wellbeing. Sleep is restorative and essential for proper immune function. Get into a good routine, switch off electronic for 30 minutes before bed and take sleep supporting supplements such as magnesium or ashwagandha if needed.


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