Our 5 favourite Selenium rich foods to add to your diet

images showing best sources of selenium in your diet including brazil nuts, mushrooms, tuna, salmon, liver and chicken with the word selenium spelled out on wooden blocks in the middle. Viewed from above

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and one of several minerals that are absolutely essential for your body to function healthily. So along with your daily vitamins, minerals and nutrients, ensuring you are getting enough Selenium is crucial to feeling at your best.

Selenium, also known as Elemental Selenium or L-Selenomethionine, is proven to support your body in several areas of your health, and these health benefits include:

* Maintenance of normal, healthy hair and nails
* Normal healthy thyroid function
* Essential for your Immune System
* A powerful antioxidant, protecting your cells from oxidative stress
* Supporting healthy spermatogenesis (sperm production - essential for fertility) 

So, if one of these areas is something that you are currently struggling with, then it is possible you may be a bit deficient in Selenium. Adding some into your diet is an easy way to top up, as long as you know which foods have great selenium content. 

Here are our 5 favourite foods that contain lots of Selenium...

An image take from above of a brown heart shaped bowl filled with brazil nuts

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are one of the best sources of Selenium from food. They are jam packed with it, and one portion of 6-8 nuts will contain approx. 544mcg of Selenium. The only thing to be wary of with these, is only to have this a few times a week, and not every day. The build up of large amounts of selenium can become toxic. 

Fish & Seafood

Yellowfin Tuna is a great source of selenium, with just 3 ounces containing around 92mcg. However, tuna is not the only fish or seafood that has great selenium content. Others include sardines, halibut, prawns, salmon, oysters, clams and crab, which contain between 46-65mcg for the same weight. 

Pork, Beef, Turkey & Chicken 

All of these meats contain good levels of dietary selenium so you can ensure you are eating these regularly to get what you need each day (as long as you are not following a restricted or plant based diet, of course). 

Pork contains around 33mcg of selenium per 3 ounce portion, whilst for beef you would need to eat a small steak (and mince beef has slightly less) to obtain 33mcg. 

When it comes to turkey and chicken, 3 ounces of turkey will give you around 31mcg selenium, so it is the perfect amount for a turkey sandwich. Three ounces of chicken will provide you with 22-25mcg. 


Just one large hard boiled egg can provide you with around 20mcg of Selenium! And don't worry if you don't like eggs hard boiled - whichever way you cook them your selenium intake will be the same - enjoy!  

Sunflower Seeds

A great addition for salads, pasta and stir fry's or perfect as a protein packed snack, sunflower seeds have a good selenium content so are great to eat to boost your intake. Just 50 grams (or quarter of a cup) will provide about 19mcg. 

Other favourites

Our other favourite selenium rich foods (although at lower levels) include: baked beans, mushrooms, milk and yoghurt, bananas and spinach. Plenty to choose from!

View from above of a selection of foods knwon to have high selenium levels inclduing prawns, eggs, Brazil nuts, tuna, chicken, turkey and pork


As so many foods that are rich in Selenium come from animal sources, selenium capsules or supplements provide a great option for those on a restricted diet (ie, vegan or vegetarian), who are also most vulnerable to deficiencies.

Not only do you get a precisely measured amount of daily selenium quickly and easily, but you can also rest assured that your capsules can provide a natural, vegan-friendly and sustainable way to keep your selenium levels healthy.

Flat lay image of a selection of colourful supplement capsule refill packs from birch and wilde including organic ashwagandha, elemental selenium and organic sea kelp (iodine)
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