COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTS: What are they and why could they boost your wellbeing?

Collagen supplements offer big benefits to skin and hair, can boost joint health, and even help rejuvenate cartilage and bone. So, what is collagen? Why do we need to supplement our intake of it?

Collagen De-Mystified

Collagen is one of the many kinds of protein that are the essential ingredients of human tissues. It forms the connective tissue that holds our body together. About one third of our body’s protein is actually collagen.

Although there are 16+ known forms of collagen protein, types I, II, and III make up 80% of collagen in our bodies. These different types have different form or role. For example, type I collagen is unique in its ability to stretch and perform well under lots of pressure without dissolving. Skin, hair, and bone require large amounts of type I collagen.

Collagen that comes directly from food sources(meat and fish for example) is usually non-hydrolysed collagen in form. All non-hydrolysed collagen is composed of long-chain protein, so it’s heavy and very dense on a molecular level. That makes it challenging for the body to absorb as it must break it down into smaller ‘peptides’ first.

Hydrolysed collagen supplements (often marine collagen) have already been treated via an all-natural process that render them down into amino acids and peptides. These smaller molecules are much easier for the body to process and absorb for use. Amino acids form the components of proteins. They’re essential for regeneration body tissues.

Type I collagen is the most plentiful collagen within the human body; the dermis is 70% type I collagen. The human body makes its own collagen, but as we age collagen production in our bodies slows. It starts to slow down by age 25, and by age 40 production is only 75 percent of its maximum. At age 60 and beyond collagen production has usually reduced by 50% or more. Along with sun exposure, the primary contribution to wrinkled skin is lack of collagen.

Hydrolysed collagen provides a great source of easily digestible collagen with high bioavailability (meaning how efficiently the body can absorb and use a drug or supplement). The better the bioavailability, the better the results of taking the supplement are likely to be. Hydrolysed marine collagen (type I) is a great example of this as it is ready to go as soon as it’s consumed.

So, to ensure we are maximizing our wellbeing and confidence, it is really important that collagen is part of our diet, even though our body can make its own. We can balance out the shortfalls in our collagen levels by taking a good quality, easily absorbed, supplement of hydrolysed collagen. Marine collagen is proven to offer the best bioavailability and is therefore most likely to offer the best results.

The benefits of taking a hydrolysed marine collagen supplement are huge. Please have a look at our blog of The 7 Top Benefits of Collagen Supplements to find out just how much this supplement can support you.

If, simply from your age, you know that collagen is likely to have declined in your own body, then taking a supplement could greatly help in boosting your confidence and wellbeing as a whole. It’s time to give them a go and start experiencing the benefits as soon as possible. Empower your wellbeing.



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