Top Benefits of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Supplements

Marine collagen benefits

Although there are many collagen supplements available, not all collagens are created equal. Hydrolysed Marine Collagen comes from the skin and scales of saltwater fish. It is well documented that this type of collagen (over bovine, other animal sources, or non-hydrolysed versions) provides the most efficient, easy-to-digest collagen for health uses. This is usually taken in collagen tablet or capsule form, and can also be available as a powder.

Our bodies make their own collagen (please see our blog Collagen Supplements: What are they and why could they boost your wellbeing?). Collagen supports the structure of our skin and hair, can boost joint health, and even help rejuvenate cartilage and bone. From age 25 onward our natural collagen production moves into decline. By age 40 our collagen levels may have reduced by 25%, and by age 60 and beyond we have lost as much as 50% of our own collagen levels.

So, how can you expect to benefit from taking a good quality collagen supplement with excellent absorption into the body? Here are the 7 top benefits that are usually experienced when boosting your natural body collagen levels.


Our skin is made of type I collagen, and in this case, you really are what you eat. Collagen doesn’t mask signs of aging; it actively repairs the damage aging does to your skin by supplementing our body’s own declined collagen levels. It helps reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and prevent the formation of deeper wrinkles. Type I marine collagen also increases the skin’s ability to hydrate itself and keep moisture sealed in, adding suppleness and ‘plumping’.

Bone Health & Healing

    Marine collagen demonstrated its ability to boost natural collagen within an organism in a 2013 study. This boost helps increase bone density, which is essential for healing broken bones and replacing bone mass lost to aging. This makes sense, given that Types I and III collagen make up about 30 % of all human bones.

    Wound Healing

    Type I collagen makes up most of our skin and not just the epidermis (or top layer). From the epidermis down through the deep subcutaneous layer, our skin owes its composition and structure to Type I collagen. Collagen helps wound healing by first supporting the reduction of excessive inflammation around cuts and wounds. The wound healing process has a group of six phases, which occur in a specific order. Collagen is required within these phases, and so collagen supplementation is a great way to support wound healing.

    Skin Health

      Collagen supports good skin health. We’ve already discussed how Type I collagen reduces skin wrinkles and yields healthy, younger looking skin. Type I collagen also supports clear skin, even with moderate to severe acne. Collagen intake via supplement has been established to help reduce acne, as well as supporting the sub-dermal processes that modulate skin repair.

      Antibacterial Properties

      Type I marine collagen contains collagencin, a collagen peptide which offers up moderate antibacterial effects. In the case of staphylococcus aureus, a dangerous bacterium that results in staph infection, a recent study showed that marine collagen helps prevents the spread of the staph infection throughout the body.

      Digestive Health & Leaky Gut

        Hydrolysed marine collagen supplementation helps support the body in managing leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome is common. It results from toxins like casein and gluten leaking into the bloodstream due to tiny holes within the digestive tract. These leaks cause inflammation and can, in some cases, lead to joint disorders and conditions like ulcerative colitis. Type I collagen is used by the digestive system to strengthen and repair the tissues that allow leaky gut to occur.

        General Health

          Hydrolysed marine collagen gives a boost to overall health by reducing over-inflammation of internal organs. It’s peptides and amino acids absorb easily into our tissues and are put to work rapidly replacing areas that are feeling and showing the effects of too little collagen. Remember, by age 25, collagen production falls. Around age 40, internal collagen production has dropped by 25 percent. As we age, increasing our collagen intake just makes sense!

          So although our bodies make collagen, supplementing our diet with a good quality, easily absorbed collagen supplement (especially marine collagen) can have huge benefits. These benefits can support and improve not just our physical health, but also our confidence and wellbeing as a whole.

          Marine Collagen supplements are particularly beneficial from age 25 onwards, and will show greater results as we age through to our 40s and beyond. At Birch & Wilde, we love collagen supplements (and so do all our friends!). These benefits will help to improve your health, confidence and wellbeing so it’s definitely time to give collagen supplements a go. Empower your wellbeing.

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          Marine collagen benefits


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