Why Naticol Marine Collagen is the Best

Why Naticol Marine Collagen is the Best

Collagen supplements, powders, drinks and capsules are huge at the moment across the beauty, wellness and health industries. Collagen is often best known for its anti-ageing properties, and for its potential to help us to feel more youthful.

The benefits of collagen are mostly enjoyed by those over 30, and can be especially helpful to women going through the changes of perimenopause or menopause. However, it can be taken by anyone who wants to experience improvements in skin, hair, nails, joints and more.

Birch & Wilde Marine Collagen capsules provide a quick, easy, mess free and flavourless, high grade marine collagen supplement with clinically proven benefits. Our customer love how easy it is to incorporate our capsules into their routine and we get amazing reviews from our buyers discussing how happy they are with the benefits they are seeing in their skin, hair, nails and more.  

So, we wanted to take some time to help everyone understand why Birch & Wilde Marine Collagen Supplements are so special! Read on to discover all about the magic inside our capsules - Naticol marine collagen powder.

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What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that forms the building blocks of all the structures of the body - everything from skin, nails & hair, to bones, joints, muscles, teeth, even blood vessels and your gut, and much more. It strengthens the connective tissues of them all, keeping them strong, firm and effective. 

Until our mid 20s, we synthesise plenty of our own. At this point of life, however, our ability to produce our own starts to decline, and that decline accelerates as we age. By our 40s, 50s and 60s, levels can be seriously depleted. The visible results of this include lines and wrinkles, thin or weak hair, brittle nails and sagging skin or dark eye circles. The less visible result can include sore joints, achy bones, poor muscle mass, even circulation or digestive issues.

Supplementing for collagen production

Your body needs specific amino acids to help stimulate and boost collagen production. Without this 'fuel' the decline will continue. The most effective way to introduce these amino acids is with collagen supplements.

The collagen in those supplements comes from animals, and cannot be sourced from plants (vegan collagens are not true collagens, but a collection of nutrients designed to boost collagen). It then goes into pills, powders, topical creams or liquids that we can consume or apply.

Once the collagen is inside our bodies, it is broken down into amino acids and absorbed into your system. It is at this point that it can help to kickstart your natural collagen protein production.

The benefits of increasing your collagen production can be amazing, including:

  • Healthier, more youthful looking and feeling skin
  • Less wrinkles and greater plumpness and elasticity
  • Stronger, thicker hair and nails
  • More supple, strong and comfortable joints
  • Improved bone density to support conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
  • Improved muscle density and ability to build strength
  • Better gut health and support for conditions like leaky gut

One important thing to be aware of is that not all collagen supplements are created equal

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The Solution: Naticol Marine Collagen

When we first created our Marine Collagen supplements, our mission was to provide the most potent, pure and effective collagen supplement delivered in the most simple, easy and fuss free way on the market. Our research process was enormous and took a long time! It lead us to Naticol, and the wealth of supporting clinical evidence they have for their raw marine collagen product. Naticol is still widely respected as one of the best types of collagen worldwide. 

Naticol is marine collagen

This means it comes from fish. The fish it originates from are caught for food. The collagen comes from skin and scales. These are by-products of the fishing industry since there is no demand for those parts of the fish as food. The fish used for the creation of Naticol marine collagen are aquaculture farmed. This means you can rest assured your money is going towards an ethical, sustainable practice.

In fact, the producers of Naticol Marine Collagen were the first fish collagen producer to obtain Friend of the Sea Sustainability Certification. Peace of mind when it comes to an ethical (as well as safe!) and sustainable supply chain is vital for us.

You can also be confident that there will not be any contaminants in the product. The fish in Naticol live in European waters, and are rigorously tested for pollutants or contaminants such as heavy metals.

Naticol marine collagen is extracted from fish skin and scales using a process called hydrolysis. Marine Collagen that has been hydrolysed is in smaller chains of amino acids, called peptides. The smaller these chains (known as Dalton weight), the easier it is for your body to absorb and assimilate the collagen for its own use. 

Clinical studies into Naticol collagen have found that it contains high levels of Type I collagen. This is the most abundant type of collagen in the human body, present in our skin, bones and joints. Research has demonstrated strong evidence of benefits for skin as well as anti-ageing effects like overall joint health and improved wound healing. 

To summarise, we believe Naticol is the best because it is: 

  • High grade and very pure
  • Natural and sustainable
  • Has a unique amino acid profile that is very beneficial
  • Highly bioavailable and low Dalton weight for easy absorption
  • Well supported by clinical evidence and research
  • Has a neutral taste, small and colour
  • Free from GMO, fat, carbohydrates, preservatives and purine

The power of Birch & Wilde Collagen Capsules

Our high strength, high purity capsules are a collagen supplement designed to be taken daily, quickly, easily and mess free. Our capsule dose is the highest strength you can find in the fewest easy to swallow capsules.

This will give you 1200mg of high grade marine collagen each day, which is about as much as your body can process and absorb in one go. So no wasted amount that can't be absorbed and used, and no need for super large mega doses. 

We don't add anything else - we want you to get as much collagen as possible in our capsules! A well balanced diet will be giving you all you need in terms of Vitamin C to help support collagen production.

Final thoughts 

Birch & Wilde have been trusted by our many regular, loyal and satisfied customers for a long time now! They have all been enjoying the brilliant benefits of Naticol marine collagen. But you don't have to just take our word for it - our customer reviews say it all! We hope that you will be enjoying the benefits of marine collagen capsules soon, if not already.

Marine collagen capsules from Birch and Wilde in a bottle and a refill pouch and wrapped beautifully in a shipping box ready to be sent

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